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  1. When you change the gear translator, do you simply swap the entire back case of the transmission?
  2. True. We’re exploring a few different options.
  3. I’ll take a look, thanks. I appreciate that, but it looks like you’re quite far from me. I’m in Virginia USA.
  4. Found out the bad news yesterday. My 90 SE transmission is making metal. I’m thinking of just replacing the whole unit with a good used one. What other years will work? It’s my understanding that the shifter translator changed sides in late 1993, so I guessing I need to stick to 90 - early 93?
  5. Thanks! The car doesn’t need much. The original fuel lines were my biggest concern but that was easy enough to fix. I’ve replaced a few other bits along the way and addressed some cosmetic issues as well.
  6. Thanks! I’m in southern Virginia.
  7. It seems that EspritMon is the culprit. Rebooting shouldn’t be necessary. If you go into the Task Manager program for Windows you can select EspritMon and choose “End Task.” That should release its grip on the com port.
  8. Thanks! The PO had it painted. I believe he used one of the Lotus race cars as the inspiration, but you may be correct about the Sprint. IIRC the new color is actually from a Nissan!
  9. I know I’m a bit late to the party but I thought I’d add my fuel line story. My recently acquired 90SE was still rocking the original fuel lines. After looking around at what others had done to solve this problem, I decided to go the easy route and use fuel injection hose. Specifically, I used Gates Barricade #4219BF in 5/16” size (7.92mm), and ABA #21014 clamps. I used this combo to replace all of my fuel lines, including the return line. A few notes for those that are contemplating this route: The workshop manual suggests disconnecting the fuel pump wiring as part of the process for depressurization of the fuel system. Instead, I pulled the inertia switch plunger as the car was running, then cranked the engine for an additional 3 seconds after it ran out of fuel. There are two fittings that I did not remove from the engine: the fuel injection rail inlet fitting (GM says you can’t remove this one without ruining it) and the return fitting under the pressure regulator (I saw no way of removing this one). So both of these fittings had the old line cut off and the new line installed in situ. There are 4 o-rings that should be replaced as well: 1 on each of the fittings on either side of the fuel filter, and 1 on each of the fittings for the secondary injectors. They are all the same size. I purchased a small kit of assorted fuel injection o-rings (Dorman #90100) that had a half dozen or so of the correct size. You should replace the fuel filter as well. AC Delco #GF652. Although the 5/16” hose works just fine for the entire fuel system, I do believe it is just a tad bigger diameter than the stock return line. I say this because it slid very easily onto the return fitting under the pressure regulator and the return line adapter at the fuel pump. Every other fitting it was a bit of a pain to push the new line on. That being said, the new return line does not leak nor are there any fumes. Overall I’m very pleased with this solution and the total cost was about $60.
  10. The Evora seems like a great car. I’m fairly certain it’ll be my next toy😎
  11. Thanks! Your list of previously owned cars is impressive!
  12. Hi all, new Lotus owner here. I’ve recently purchased a 90 SE. It was originally Calypso Red but was resprayed a few years ago. I am having a blast driving this thing around. I’m slowly fixing up a few things and look forward to learning from others.
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