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  1. You sure this is not a stone flicked up from a passing vehicle out on the road 🤔 as I've had this happen on a previous car, I would have thought that if someone would have smashed it deliberately the whole glass would have been put through. Hope you get it sorted soon .
  2. Problem is if you pick up a screw or bolt etc then as you have no indication of a puncture you could be running round for quite a while with it in your tyre continuously moving around , damaging the cords and eventually leading to a blow out, not good in any vehicle never mind a high performance one. Personally I'd sooner get the puncture,inspect the hole from the offending item to see if its repairable.
  4. Wow I thought rot like that on modern day cars was gone with the 80s. Can't believe another scuff 😡
  5. C Tek on mine , used it on all my previous cars never had any issues
  6. A few years ago they lost 5 cars off my multi car policy because of their customer service.
  7. So glad you have now got this sorted, your insurance company is typical of most, want your money but don't want to pay out when anything happens 🤬. You should name them on here so none of us use them 😉.
  8. I'm having my 2nd hip replacement tomorrow so rang my gp to book having clips removed in 2 weeks , thought I'll get flu jab and covid jab at same time as I've just had nhs reminder , told I can get flu jab but got to go to a walk in center for my covid jab, bloody stupid when I'm already at my gp surgery
  9. Could the loom have been damaged in the accident ? Bad earth ?
  10. When I removed my rear bumper on my old Aston Martin vantage I found they use velcro to hold the top edge in place
  11. That's great news . I would be sat on his/her bonnet waiting for them to appear
  12. Let's hope so mate, keep us up to date .
  13. Did you manage to catch the **** responsible???
  14. I'm fuming for you mate What a **** .
  15. I had the same issue but with plenty of releasing oil and perseverance they eventually went. Have you tried letting them soak overnight?
  16. With the amount you say was all over the front of the car I think he needs to go to spec savers .
  17. I see it like this , if whoever spilled brake fluid without even attempting to clean it up, what sort of other workmanship do they not care about.
  18. But mistakes like this should not happen. What if it was something more serious causing major damage an accident or worse. You are more forgiving than I would be .
  19. As in a previous thread regarding self maintenance, this is exactly why I do my own servicing . I do not trust garages full stop ...
  20. I had a similar noise , changed anti roll bar bushes which although they looked fine must have been shot as noise gone once I changed them for poly bush bushes.
  21. Totally agree Bob being in the trade for many years I just don't trust garages to do the work to what I call my standard.
  22. Me too Bob , and I've always believed the money saved on dealer servicing over the year outweighs and money reduced on resale just because it has no dealer service history. My old Aston martin vantage dealer basic service with oil and filer change was over £600 REALLY .I document and keep all service part receipts for new owner.
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