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  1. On 20/09/2022 at 19:23, Barrykearley said:

    No @C8RKH it doesn’t. Some of the plastic trim is so flimsy it’s beyond belief.

    And if that doesn’t sound so good - imagine my shock horror when I find trim that is held in place from the factory with Velcro 😂 - are these things made my garlic sausage farmers 🤣

    When I removed my rear bumper on my old Aston Martin vantage I found they use velcro to hold the top edge in place :o

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  2. 39 minutes ago, Alfa2Evora said:

    Gotcha! Well, I'm pretty sure I have anyway.

    Sitting today, literally in the space next to where it was last Thursday, a white BMW X5 with black alloys. What are the chances of there being several of those so I had a closer look.

    Scraped along the rear passenger's door and wheel, but no immediately obvious paint transfer from mine although it does look like somebody may have had a session with some T-Cut lately. Then, I saw it. All those hours watching forensic examinations on TV paid off. On the rear wheel, a small amount of bright blue paint on the edge of the rim. I rest my case m'lud.

    Local force informed and they're going to follow it up ASAP, and view the CCTV images for final proof. Sad thing is, for it to be parked where it is at this time of day, it must belong to a member of the hospital staff, :(.



    That's great news . I would be sat on his/her  bonnet waiting for them to appear :rant::2guns:

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  3. 27 minutes ago, Spinney said:

    But it wasn’t more serious and it’s a bit of a leap to wonder if it might have been, causing major damage or an accident. Who among any of us can say in all truth they’ve never made a mistake at work?

    It happens.🤷‍♂️

    I see it like this , if whoever spilled brake fluid without even attempting to clean it up, what sort of other workmanship do they not care about.

  4. 10 hours ago, EvoraBob said:

    I have worked on and build lots of cars from minis to Lamborghinis, from lawnmowers to 50ton excavators on spanners and management around the world. So doing work on the Evora is a walk in the park as I have a kitted out garage and access to almost anything if needed. I enjoy working on Lotus cars as I get as much fun out tinkering about and helping mates as driving them. 

    Me too Bob , and I've always believed the money saved on dealer servicing over the year outweighs and money reduced on resale just because it has no dealer service history. My old Aston martin vantage dealer basic service with oil and filer change was over £600 REALLY :shock: .I document and keep all service part receipts for new owner.


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  5. Am I right in thinking the brake calipers on a 2010 n/a Evora are AP calipers ? If so does anybody know the AP part number for the rear brake pad retaining pins which are slightly shorter than the fronts or if they are matched to another vehicle.

    I know they are available at the eliseshop but I was trying to source some locally .


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