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  1. Just now, exeterjeep said:

    What model year is your car, as evora's pre 2017 had a much more common sensor and a receiver in the boot, these can be bought cheaply (ish SAAB?) and if need programming, tools like the one I have can program them.

    Evoras etc after 2017 (the 4xx) , have the receiver under the dash and different transmitters. My TPMS reader would read the the sensor data from an earlier evora, but not my current one. 

    But as I said above getting the new ones from lotus do not need re-programming as the car will pick them up eventually. So do not need to buy the alligator programmer    

    Mine is a 2010

  2. Why do you need all that. I had 4 new sensors fitted at my local tyre shop when I had the wheels refurbished,  I only dropped the wheels off so they didn't have the car. They programmed the new sensors same as old ones,only thing they weren't sure about, was the positioning on the vehicle for the dash display, when I put the wheels back on I found that they were indeed mixed up. But lotus must have sensors in the wheel arch as a few miles down the road they sorted themselves out to the correct positioning.  All 4 sensors cost £200 fitted and programmed. 

  3. Hello from South Yorkshire UK. I recently acquired my 2010 Evora na having done a swap for an AC Cobra Replica I had. I  must say as my first Lotus I'm quite impressed,  although it's not the quickest car it certainly makes up for it with its handling, although saying that I find it plenty quick enough for UK roads. Having previously owned, Aston Martin Vantage V8, BMW M4, Porsche 911 996 turbo and a Jaguar F Type V8 R. The latter of which was way too quick for our roads and it would have been licence bye bye if I'd kept it. Just wondering if any of you are from my area as I spotted a nice white elise yesterday on my travels.

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