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  1. Thanks Pete. I haven’t yet did the full crawl around under it. There are no odd sounds or vibrations to indicate they are aligned well. It’s a 501 so no air con, and it gets blistering here so some vintage air is on the list but finding a spot for it might be a challenge. It looks to be running the factory diff, still has the inboard drums. I haven’t been hard on it yet so time will tell if it holds. It’s a stock motor so no big hp gains and with the auto it’s a bit easier on it. Yes, 15 inch Hoshino Impuls. 15x6 and 15x6.5 with zero and -5 offset I believe, I’d have to get the exact numbers.
  2. Hello, New to the site and have a 78 Elite. The car is in in The States and has been “ Stateized”. It sports a small block Chevy, 4l60e OD transmission, full rewire, lights are on linear actuators now. Also had a tilt column in it that makes for easy in and out. It’s a pretty clean install and has been reinforced and runs proper. It’s pretty reliable and quick. I’ve always wanted an Elite so when this one popped up, I grabbed it up for under 6500 dollars. Picked it up in South Carolina and drove it back to Georgia. It cruised at 80mph down the freeway with no issues I put some old Japanese wheels on the car that I thought fort the retro/futuristic feel of the car and have been quite happy The interior is a bit faded, being the black velour style I’m planning to dye it and haven’t been successful in finding anyone who has done that so I figured I’d ask here . Thanks for looking, it’s quite a fun car and I enjoy it. It grabs quite a lot of gawkers .
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