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  1. Thought long and hard about the spec. A V6 auto on touring susp. / tyres. The green is super but I thought that it would be the most popular, quite dark and tough to keep clean. Dark interiors are not to my liking (currently have Opal white), so I've arrived at what I think will be near enough the final spec. for me. Magma Red with red leather, black pack and black wheels with red calipers and a tracker. Still undecided about privacy glass, have it at the moment and it can be a bit of a nuisance at times. It'd be good to have a clear view of the engine. Colin
  2. Hi Keith, It will be the first Lotus I've "owned" but going back some years I was fortunate to have a number of them at my disposal, various Elans, Europas, twincam Escorts, Cortinas and I built a few from kits for other people too. Always wanted one for myself and thought the last ICE Lotus would be appropriate and it's such a gorgeous car. Cheers Colin
  3. Hi from a very wet Keswick, looking forward to eventually get my hands on an Emira FE (order placed). I've been a petrol head all my life and have a few vintage motorbikes and currently run a 440i GC with MPPSK but no longer require a 4 seat/4 door machine. Cheers Colin
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