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  1. Is it possible to get a more track based set up on an S3 sport and touring without having to upgrade the suspension?
  2. Is it a straight swap if I was to swap the 2zr engine for a 2zz in my S3? Originally I wanted to K20 swap but can’t find anywhere that’ll do it without silly costs
  3. I’m thinking of getting some wheel spacers for my S3 to fill out the arch gap abit , ideally around 15/20 mm all round Will this have much in the way on impact of handling when tracking the car?
  4. Hi guys looking to get my S3 2zr mapped, the car has a 2ublar back box and the RRR cold air intake other than that it’s stock. I’ve read ideally you need to fit a less restrictive manifold and a decat to get decent power gains but I don’t want to out sound the supercharger whine. what sort of figures can I expect? and what are the well known tuning companies to go to? any input is much appreciated
  5. Is there a wiring diagram available for the Elise s 2012 2zr? I can only find one for 2006-2011 elises Infact any diagrams would be appreciated for this model cheers
  6. I have a 2012 Elise S (2ZR) currently has a 2ublar back box and a trd air filter. I can hear the supercharger just about but would love to make it abit louder. Is there any go to’s for this?
  7. I’ve found them they do one with a convex curve for the rear 🙂
  8. Yeah that’s the issue the shape of the surface mate! Hoping there was one designed to fit the boot, considering moulding something on the back on a front badge to get it to fit but would look off with the badge sticking out.
  9. Currently my boot has the original lotus lettering removed from the rear. Is there a standard lotus badge (same as on the bonnet) available that’ll fit on the rear? cheers
  10. You might be bang on the money there! Found on the side of the air box a small plastic tube that looks like it should have a rubber pipe connected , can shove a cable tie into it all the way into the air box I’ll get a bung for it and see if that works Thank you
  11. I’ve recently brought an 2012 Elise s (2ZR) , I’ve noticed when sat still at idle every few seconds the revs will drop by 200-300 and then rise back to we’re it was. Also noticed it does this when coming to a stop initially it drops below the idle point and then returns to it. any ideas of where to start looking? It has a 2ubalur and a bigger air box if that helps. It also hasn’t been mapped. cheers
  12. Thanks TomE. I’m finding there almost at opposite ends of the spectrum to each other although there both known as fun drivers cars. The evo’s great but the Elise is special. That’s good to know I’ll have to have a look out for them.
  13. Thank you 👍🏼 Yeah I drove it for about 6 hours on the day I insured it , let’s put it this way it’s no longer a clean looking car 🤦🏽 Fortunately it’s ceramic coated. thanks for the warm welcome 👍🏼
  14. Completely new to the lotus platform I just purchased my first Elise two days ago. A stunning 2012 S3 sport touring in black. It has a few little bits done to it such as a 2ubalur exhaust , bigger air box , a wing , side skirts and some custom stitching inside. coming from an Evo X which I’ve owned for 5 years this is a much more fun car. Looking foward to getting stuck into both the car and the lotus world! Hoping to get a few track days in the lotus in 2022 also. I’ll be keeping the Elise off road until the evo’s sold or I’ve found somewhere I can store the evo long term.
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