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  1. Apologies if there's already a thread but couldn't find it. So I've decided to get a second set of rims and looking at where I want to spend my time, it's hillclimbs, sprints and that kind of thing. Currently running Pilot Sport 4s' which are an amazing all round tyre, no complaints at all but obviously with one set of tyres it can't do everything, after 10 laps on a short track, too hot, slippery and bits start to fall off, cold start for hill climbs also slippery and understeers around corners, but I think you'd be hard pressed to get a better tyre that can cope as well as the 4s's doing that range of driving, is also amazing in the wet and I can drive to the track. But this isn't an ad for 4s's! The question, if I get a dedicated set of tyres for hill climbs and sprints, what's the best tyre? Requirements are simple... sub 60 second runs so they need to grip immediately from cold, and with no storage I need to be able to drive on them (legally) to the event... anyone here into hill climbs with advice?
  2. Thank you for the responses so far, has been really helpful. I've purchased the racelogic vbox sport with external GPS (roughly $650 AUD), then will pair with race chrono over harry's lap timer to start (reviews over both seem to have race chrono having more coverage/reliable in AUS). But will post again when I actually get it set up and test! Fingers crossed.
  3. So I've done a couple of track days (yay!), having lot's of fun living the Lotus life 🙂 and I'm now starting to care more about my times and seeing where I can improve. I had a ride in a friends Porsche GT3! and he uses the free Porsche track app in conjunction with the video on his phone and it also taps into the cars own telemetry... combines speed, braking/acceleration %, with video, with g force, and position on track, just seriously amazing stuff. Someone put me onto the race chrono app, which seems great (free version) but in reality given that I think it only GPS checks once a second (and at 200km/h that's a lot of distance), I find that for many laps it has me breaking Australian lap records, but then I check the data map and it has me cutting across the middle of the field, and I'm neither that good nor that bad. So the question is, for a Lotus (Evora GT410 Sport if it matters), what is the best logging tool for the occasional track day enthusiast (in Australia)? I've looked at race logic, race box, a few apps (happy to pay for the full version of race chrono but paying isn't going to improve the GPS signaling), but also none of these seem to compare to my mates GT3 setup.
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