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  1. Hello TLF! I've been browsing the forums for a while now and the forum was a massive help when weighing up a Caterham 420R, Lotus Exige 350/380/390/410 and a Porsche GTS 4.0. In the end I rather impulsively took the plunge and bought a 2020 Exige 350 Sport around 5 months ago, and I haven't looked back since. Absolutely love it. Customary photo below. Look forward to getting involved! Oh, and if anyone else is going through the same buying dilemma as me then please feel free to reach out. Chat soon, Ol
  2. Hi All, This is my first post on TLF since becoming a Lotus owner and forum member ~5 months ago. As a first-time owner I've already got a huge amount of value from the forums so I thought I'd pay it forward by posting a topic that I haven't seen covered elsewhere. Important stuff upfront: the car in question is an Exige 350 Sport. It's a 2020 model, so presumably one of the later 350s to make it out the factory, and it's covered just over 2,600 miles. Picture at the bottom! Last week, during a relatively spirited drive, the rev limiter started kicking in at ~4k revs, initially while overtaking which wasn't ideal. No warning lights, and other than not being able to make it past 4k revs, the car seemed to be running just fine. After exhausting all of my mechanical skills (by turning it off and then back on again) the engine warning light came on so I thought a trip to my local dealer was probably the best course of action. The dealer initially thought it may be due to a faulty brake light (apparently a relatively common fault) but it turned out to be a faulty cam shaft positioner. Parts have been ordered for next day delivery and the work is being carried out under warranty by Endeavour Lotus, Colchester – who, incidentally, have loaned me a rather lovely yellow 410 Sport, which I have to say, has blown me away and got me seriously questioning if I should've held off and gone for a 390 Final Edition or 410 Sport. I have absolutely no regrets buying the 350, it's a truly phenomenal car, but the 410 is noticeably quicker, louder, firmer and grippier through the corners. But that's for another post! Anyway, I hope the post is useful to someone in the future. Catch you around. Ol
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