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  1. well.. I don't have much of an update.. but I am working on test fitting a mock-up of a Mendeola 5 speed. This should be sufficient to handle the torque.
  2. Cryo is a good idea, however, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do a custom transmission. The project will be shut down for a while until I have the funds to proceed. In the meantime, my holloway performance transmission is for sale and comes with a Quaife.
  3. Well.. Apparently 10.5 psi is too much.. As I snapped a driveshaft tonight.. Whoops.
  4. Thanks!! The lag is not bad. However, I can change the settings in the vi-pec to make it spool faster, but... It's so violent already.. I don't see the point.
  5. I actually have coil overs all around. However, the car does understeer a bit. I am likely going to do a battery re-locate to the front of the car to assist with that. However.. The car is so controllable with over-steer.. That I'm not sure I want to lose that.
  6. Well.. I'm now running 10.5psi of boost... And it's an absolute psycho.. I'm not sure if I should even put more boost to it.. I think I will do a trans cooler this winter. It gets a little hard to get out of gear after a good hard drive. It's about as powerful now as aerobats was at 18psi.. It's a handful.
  7. Ahh yes... How does it feel. Well, the nitto nt05 tires work fantastically with the Quaife. I have never driven a car that is so beautiful to slide around corners. It's so predictable that you just basically keep your foot in it and steer. Though.. I'm sure that's not what you meant. The engine pulls strong, but, at the moment I am only running 6 psi of boost. I won't ramp the boost up until I have 1000kms on it. I would guess that it's running somewhere around 300hp at the moment.
  8. Well guys.. I have finished the re-wiring and I have been driving the car for about a week and a half now. It will go back on the dyno on sept 22. I know I was originally going for huge power numbers, but I will be happy with 500hp at the wheels. Here's a few pics of her back together:<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo
  9. Thanks Steven! I have actually commenced re-wiring the standalone. I had a couple of minor gremlins and I didn't feel like chasing my tail. The best solution to a wiring issue when 100's of wires are involved.. is to re-wire it. Or at least, that's how I feel. .. I'm almost finished it.
  10. Well.. The engine is finally going in I figured I would start with a better picture of what the pison oil squirters look like: Here's a few shots of the install: More to come this weekend.. Should be running
  11. Thank you! I am just having the crank re-polished at the moment (putting the squirters in and out so many times resulted in a couple of minor scratches). I am supposed to have the crank back this weekend. So I should be able to put the engine in.
  12. Well, since this has been an incredibly arduous task. I have decided to post the process of bending each one of the Tubing and its mating to the base: First bend: 2nd bend: Mate it to the nipple and base: Apply Heat: Add solder: I only solder the tubing to the nipple at this point. Now I mount it in the vice to make a bend in the tubing at the end of the plate. Now the final bend: Next, I drill through from the bottom of the nipple into the tubing. After that, I re-heat the plate and remove the tubing so that I can clear out any faro's or other scrap metal that ends up in the
  13. Well, I finally got my stainless steel tubing. I have begun the process of building the new oil squirters. So Here's a kind of break down of how the process goes: Here is an example of one of the steel plates: Here is an example of one of the nipples that will go in the steel plates: Then there's the bending tool I made (two drill bits in a chunk of steel) Here I am bending the tubing: Here is the mostly finished result: So, basically, now I have to test fit it in the engine, rotate it over with clay all over the pieces and ensure that it does not have any interference points. I a
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