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  1. Hi Gunter!! Long time no chat! I will get the ID numbers for you this evening. I'm sure we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement. I have also looked into the idle air control valve and it is from a volvo of sorts. The used ones are about $70 and the new ones are closer to $150. I'm okay to buy new on that, as I don't want a repeat of exactly the same problem. One other thing to add is that I will likely be selling off my transmission next winter as well. I'm just putting that out into the ether for the moment. It will depend on if my new transmission plans actually work out or not.
  2. Hi Bibs!! I am quite enamoured with the chrome orange as well. As for the Harrier, at that point it didn't work, but he had already ordered the engines and was supposed to be flying it this year.
  3. Lotus Esprit (2002) Date Added: 14 November 2012 - 08:57 AM Owner: Mark T-C Short Description: #099 has a few goodies already.. but since I am unable to purchase anything without modifying it... we shall see what the future holds.... View Vehicle
  4. I have been sporradic on the forum as of late, however, I do anticipate a little bit more attention from me coming up. My shop has been shut down by local government officials due to a law about working on vehicles for pay out of a residential garage.. However, since this seems to be the place for automotive porn.. here's a few pics for ya'll.. From here on is a series of pictures of cars that I have worked on over the years.. (With the Exception of the CGT and the Harrier) Here was one sunday at my shop.. a bit busy that day... from left to right-- 2001 Diablo 6.0, 2002 Esprit #099, 1997 Aston Martin DB7, and a CLK Here's #003 and #056 in my garage.. And Here's #099 and a 2000 Esprit as well as #003 in the shot.. Here's a shot of the Diablo 6.0 by itself... Here's a shot of the Bentley Arnage I worked on for a while.. And... the Azure.. And.. the Silver Seraph.. And.. just for the heck of it.. the silly money that exists here... this is a privately owned Harrier: And.. last.. but certainly not least... The CGT.. if anyone of you have the opportunity to ride in one of these... DO NOT TURN IT DOWN.. WHAT A CAR!! I'm a lotus fan yes.. but holy hell is this car amazing. And finally.. I bought #099.. so here's a couple of more pics of her:
  5. Well, as some of you may know, I have bought another Esprit. I purchased #099, a chrome Orange 2002 V8. I was working on the car for a while, trying to diagnose some minor gremlins and after sinking a pile of time into it without a result, So.. I decided to buy it instead. Here's a few pics of her: So.. I had a minor "Rattle" or "knock" in lower gears, so I pulled the engine and transmission.. I have however decided that I am getting way too efficient at this... Myself and Gary pulled the transmission in 1.5 hours... and then, I, by myself, removed the engine in 2.5 hours... lol.. Here's the photographic progress of what I have done so far.. This time, I pulled the intake plenum off and then removed the harness from the engine, instead of pulling the harness off of the chassis and leaving it attached to the engine. Here's the bay.. empty Here's the engine on the ground.. This "P clip" was put on backwards and was pushing the heat shield off of its mounts.. this may have been the source of the ratte.. so I decided to trim the heat shields a bit, to ensure no further rattling. So, next I decided to check engine internals. The pistons had been upgraded to the usual JE pistons.. However, I am going to be getting different custom pistons by JE shortly. I know that the clearance was a little over tolerance when the engine was built and this is likely what caused the pre-mature wear. Now, here's a picture of the heads.. and a shot of the block, stripped of heads etc.. So.. I will be shipping the block off to a trusted friend, along with the crankshaft -- as there was some bearing wear as well -- to get fully balanced and figure out what type/design of piston we will use for the build. Now.. the next little issue I was having was random stalling.. here's a shot of the Idle air control valve in its "closed position".. it appears as if, when it was "closed" it was actually partially open in the opposite direction of the valve opening. So, when the computer was trying to add a little bit of idle air, it was actually closing the valve. Luckily, this valve is only $150.. so at least that won't break the bank.. ...So now you're probably wondering... what is the plan? Well, The car already has hybrid turbo's, so I can get the boost levels I will need. I will likely be repeating most of Aerobat's build, but I'm working on using slightly larger intercoolers and I have a transmission upgrade in mind that may or may not work.. so I will keep that under my hat until i have figured it out. The horsepower destination will be no less than 550WHP. This project will not be fast, as I have a lot of bills at the moment and the build cost will be likely in the range of $30,000 in parts alone. I expect to do the pistons this winter and then, next year, I will either do the transmission or just begin stock piling parts. I do intend to drive the car this summer, so I don't want to go too deep this year.
  6. Yes... I will be starting a new thread.. momentarily.
  7. Believe me.. it's worth it.. WHAT A MACHINE! I cannot put into words how spectacular Aerobat's esprit is. I have, over the years, driven multiple esprit's and some other exotics -- 911, Diablo and a few boxsters etc... There is nothing that I have driven that is this nice to drive on a daily basis, yet performs this well.
  8. Hi Guys.. while I was at the Dyno in Red Deer, A certain person from the company next door drove over the engine bay cover... twice.. so it's totally destroyed. Does anybody know where I might find one?
  9. Okay.. here's a picture of the dyno screen.. fairly blurry, but you can decipher what you need to. I am still awaiting the arrival of the original .pdf or whatever they use to show the graph.
  10. Thanks Mike!!! It certainly does always have power.. I still cant get over the boat load of torque... it's a lot of fun!
  11. So... The results from the dyno are basically this (from stock 295 ft-lbs of torques and 350hp): 430 ft lbs of torque and 430hp (actually it was 428). The car produces over 400 ft-lbs from 3500 rpm to 5800 rpm, and the hp is over 400 from about 5000rpm to about 6200rpm. I did some testing yesterday in +35 celsius weather and with a limited slip diff and 295 wide tires... the car breaks loose in second gear and fish-tails a bit as it struggles for traction. The Intake Air Temps on the dyno never exceeded 58 degrees under load, so the intercooler efficiency is perfect. The car actually pegged the dyno on one run -- 450 ft lbs of torque, but we dialed back the boost a bit so that we didn't deliver that much again. I will post the dyno sheet and the video of the pull when I receive them.
  12. I need to leave a very special and enormous thank-you to Bibs for acquiring the clutch slider bolts for me in 24 hours. I can't thank you enough Bibs!!!!
  13. Okay, so here's a progress update: Basically, I replaced all the bottom end bearings and gaskets, had a tool made up to set the timing chain tension, plastiguaged everything, re-assembled and installed the engine. Here's a very brief photo/video list: bottom end assembly: Engine ready to go in: Engine landed on the mounts... Harness partially routed: Transmission in: Intercoolers in: Ready to rock! And.. here's a clip of it running (don't worry.. i warmed it up for a long time and then checked for leaks etc.. before I gave it a couple of shots of gas.)
  14. I've just realized that I have "claimed" to be a mechanic with my wording.. I, as you may read in other posts in the past, not a certified Journeyman Mechanic. I am a hobby-ist and I have done what I can to help those around me. Please understand that I do not have any certification.
  15. Hehehe.. The GTI... it does need to have it's summer rims put on... maybe I'll chip it and put a K04 turbo upgrade into it... lol!
  16. BAHAHHAHAHAH... Funnily enough.. the gearbox is already upgraded, and so is the diff... oh well.. what will I do with all my spare time now?? lol... as if I have any of that..
  17. Bahahahaha! True.. does seem a bit much.. but I was planning on doing the bearings this winter anyway.. and the clutch.. I don't know that it would have lasted much more than another month
  18. Well... Since I had the engine on the floor, I thought I would check the clutch and flywheel... and.. well.. it's in need. Not shocking really, as most of the Esprit V8 twin plate clutches don't tend to last longer than 20,000 miles. The clutch isn't quite down to the rivets... but it's close enough to call it. Then I decided that since the bottom end bearings are known to not be able to handle a whole lot of horsepower, and we plan to put some down... I thought I would check them out and replace them with higher grade bearings... so here goes the process: Here's the engine on the stand. Here's the oil pan removed and the rod bearings removed.. Here's the main bearings removed... Here's the front cover removed to expose the intermediate shaft. The intermediate shaft removed.. And... since you have all seen the plenum removed before etc.. I skipped a few pictures.. here's the cams removed so we can also find which lifter is sticking... So.. now I have a nearly completely disassembled engine... lol... Sorry about that last blurry picture.. here's an actual shot of the cams out... Here's the crankshaft and the end caps etc... Here's the Cams and the front cover plate as well as the intermediate shaft. Here's the best bearing I could find... And here's the engine covered up... nighty night... lol
  19. Sounds like alternator short to me.. if it just died while running and didn't spit or sputter.. the fact that you have no oil pressure or any guage movement while turning it over... tells me that it's electrical.
  20. Okay... so, what is likely happening is that you're boost solenoid is trying to open the wastegate, but it's unable to do so quick enough and the boost spikes.. then the wastegate opens up fully around about the time that you hit fuel cut. This results in 0 psi of boost and then the car creeps up on boost again once it starts giving it fuel again. So, the culprit is likely the wastegate flap to wastegate capsule relationship. By this I mean that the wastegate capsule is jamming up a bit. I have seen this on v8's frequently when you swap out the factory wastegate. The culprit is generally the rubber gaitor around the wastegate rod being jammed up in the hole that it mounts to on the turbo. What I do is grind out the hole a little bit to ensure freedom of movement. The way to test this is with a pressure pump (its a hand pump that has a pressure gauge built on to it.). Ramp up the pressure slowly and make sure that the wastegate moves at exactly the same amount of pressure with repeated tests. If the wastegate moves at different pressures, then you have a binding issue. The other possibility is the wastegate flap itself. Disconnect the wastegate capsule from the wastegate flap and ensure that it moves readily and freely.. it should be super easy to move.. almost like its not even connected to anything. If it's hard to move, then you must clean out the hole where the flap-rod goes into the turbo. Use some wd-40 or some other higher end penetrating oil. Also, while using the pressure gauge, you can determine if you have any leaks in you're vacuum l.ines. Even the slightest leak willl cause the over boost problem. Also, if the hose is too big or too small, you will have problems.
  21. cheers to that! I can't wait to get it back in..
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