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  1. Is this what they refer to as body shaming 🤔
  2. @Goodmorning Goodnight just wanted to say thanks for your you tube videos. They show how for the most part the Evora is a fairly practical car to work on, and are quite confidence inspiring. Good man!
  3. Welcome Ben and I’m sure you’ll enjoy many miles of happy driving. Mine did all sorts of funny things when I first bought it (used) and in hindsight I think a lot was to do with it having stood for a long while in the dealers. I didn’t change the battery, but gave it a good charge and many hours of running. You might also want to check that the terminals are all properly tight. Good luck and I hope it’s a cheap and simple fix.
  4. If you can’t hear anything when you have the fader full on to rear then, I’d start at the sub itself. It’s not a major job to remove the side panel although a bit fiddly and uncomfortable as the rear seat and drivers seat belt mounting needs to be removed. This will give you access to the subwoofer and the amp. There may even be an inline fuse there. Look for an electrical signal at the speaker and then work back from there. Whilst you’re in there you might also consider applying some sound deadening to the plastic subwoofer housing. Its a cheap and simple way of improving the density of bass.
  5. Most surreal point for me was when he realised there were back seats and looked over his shoulder - just as he went round the corner at Breidsheid. It’s a really good point about your mpg vs his and the benefit of carrying speed, but of course there goes the benefit of his 5000 or 10000 plus laps. In that regard I think I’d say you were normal braking than overbraking given there is very little margin for error there. I’m not familiar with the S’ sport button though. Did you have the traction full on or off or is there a mid setting?
  6. Superb video @Niffty951. Thank you indeed for the parting gift. It was exciting to see an Evora pop up on my favourite you tube channel. Very brave of you to put your car in Misha’s hands. He really doesn’t go easy, but it was a great video and a great advert for the Evora. The car held up brilliantly. I think you need to change your username to Ice Man though - how did you stay so calm?
  7. I’ve got 34k miles on my 400 hence my question and also that it naturally perks my interest when I hear that others need new clutches at that sort of mileage. I know there are some dodgy ones but for the most part they should last far longer than that unless it’s been “launched” regularly. I’d be inclined to eliminate more accessible stuff, eg, fluids, hydraulics, binding of levers etc before whipping off the rear end and engine, although if you’re that way inclined it makes for an interesting project.
  8. I keep my Evora covered on the drive in bad weather. 5am this morning. Never seen this before. Any ideas for how to prevent it happening again. I haven’t uploaded the video but the sound of their feet on it when they ran off was not very nice.
  9. The K&N will add more noise under acceleration- with a deeper throatier induction roar. Not sure it will add performance. If it were me, I’d do the exhaust, enjoy the difference that makes for a while and then at a later stage add the filter. You can then get a feel for the sound each element adds and whether you like it.
  10. You’re playing with fire my friend and will be paying for years. I got my kit car back on the road as a project when my wife had our first child. It has a straight through side pipe. The only time I could have some time for myself and go for a drive was when baby was asleep. Problem was that starting the car started the crying and that was that. 14 years later - Its still mentioned - every time I forget to put the bins out, am late home or look like I’m winning an argument - And no amount of gaffer tape can fix that!
  11. Congratulations on the car. It’s indeed a stunning machine.
  12. Thank you gents. That’s perfect and very reassuring. Some nice looking cars there too. The carbon fibre splitters look really good. Amazes me how much each car is subtly different - small details here and there - lots of individuality.
  13. That’s interesting. I’ve always avoided dealer finance preferring to arrange my own. I’m of that school that I thought I’d better better deals as a cash buyer. However that’s no longer the case and the better deals come from the dealer when you take finance. Your strategy of then paying it off soon after seems very wise. I’ve also heard of people grabbing the dealer discount that comes with the finance, driving away and then cancelling the finance in the cooling off period. @C8RKH What are the protections and redress options you refer to?
  14. I’m a traditionalist and like to own my cars rather than PCP but from what I can gather, this is the exception now rather than the rule. So I can understand that not offering a PCP option would be a barrier. I also think that the internet has massively helped Lotus (and other small manufacturers) bring the Emira to market, and has plugged the gap between the smattering of physical dealerships. It took me 30 minutes between seeing the Emira at Goodwood to putting a deposit down. Without the internet that wouldn’t have happened. I’m also thinking of Tesla. It’s all been down to online sales. I know it’s like trying to compare Tyson and Ali but I think it would have been a different story for the Evora if launched under similar conditions. point of clarification - I’m quoting the example of Tesla and online sales - I’m certainly not thinking of a Tesla 🤮
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