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  1. I had the extinguisher canister removed and the sound is gone. Lotus has agreed to get me a new one and see if there's sound in the new canister. I am still waiting for the new one to arrive.
  2. Nice write up Sam, how nice that you are able to keep both! And great black and white color combo too!
  3. @Exigo other than the extinguisher canister issue I am having a blast with the car. It's the first supercharged vehicle I own, and I am loving it. The abundance of torque and linear delivery is kinda the best of both worlds from turbo and NA cars. I often go for casual drives after dinner for an hour just before the sun sets. @Sam Downey I went on the club Facebook page and had a look, seems like great fun! But unfortunately I don't think I can be away for that many days, so I guess this event might not be for me. I will definitely try to participate in one of the one day club drives in the future 😊.
  4. Congrats Jason, March is not that far away, just a little bit longer. I am still have issue with my extinguisher canister making knocking noise, Lotus has agreed to replace it under warranty but then this week said they don't have stock in the UK and need Lotus NZ to source locally. I am going for the run in service next week and will just ask them to remove the canister for me while I wait for a new one.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I don't think mine is a rattle sound, it's more like something loose rolling around inside hitting the metal canister, so it's actually quite loud even with moderate undulation of the car. Anyways the dealership has agreed to replace it with a new one, so I will see if it solves the problem and report back, cheers
  6. Ok I see, do you know if it's easy to take out the canister? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, just thought of sharing some pictures of my 420 that I took today, on my first drive in 2022. Got the car only a few weeks ago and I have done just over a 1000km. The car is brilliant and hopefully I will be able to exploit some more of its potential after the run-in service. One small issue I currently have is the extinguisher canister on the passenger side making a knocking noise. The dealership thinks there's something loose inside the canister and has agreed to replace it under warranty. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before? And are there things to look out for when they carry out the replacement? Happy new year!
  8. Hi guys! I just went for a spirited run, now that I can finally exploit some full throttle actions really makes the car feels much more alive and exciting! The acceleration is pretty nuts, feels quicker than the 997 Turbo I used to own, probably because it's so light and small, that accentuates the sense of speed. Jason, the suspension dials for compression are pretty easy to access, they are just on top of the suspension and easy to get to. But the rebound dial is below the suspension so it's harder to get to, but because I have small hands so I actually managed to reach them without having to lift the car. I also found from a Lotus PDF online that there are 16 clicks for the high speed compression, and 24 clicks for the low speed and rebound. This is not stated in the manual, so it's good to know, cuz at the beginning I was quite clueless because I don't know how many clicks there are, and the dials don't show any readings at all. I will post some pics below so you can have a look. I believe the run in service is at around 1500km? I will try to ask them to change the oil and filter for me then. Ya, hopefully the freight doesn't take too long for my new canister to get here, the noise is really super annoying, I think I will be so happy when it's fixed. The leg room is ok for the passenger because the passenger seat is bolted to the furthest position, but it does take out about 20cm though. Personally I wouldn't have spec'ed this in the first place, but I guess neither of us had any choice. San, thank you for the run in tips, hence my spirited run today, haha. Here are some pics from today:
  9. Hi Jason and Sam, happy to report that I have just hit 1000km tonight, so I will probably be able to do the post break-in service after the holiday. One thing that's a bit disapointing is that my extinguisher canister has something loose inside that's making some quite loud noises, Lotus is replacing it under warranty, so hopefully the new canister will arrive after the break so I can get it replaced together with the service. BTW Sam, are you planning to get your oil and filter changed when you come up to replace your windscreen? I might ask them to change mine during the service, just for a peace of mind. The car has been amazing to drive otherwise. I have also been playing with my nitrons, and currently I have set both the front and rear high speed compression 2 clicks softer, and the front rebound 1 click softer from factory settings, the car rides quite nicely now and I am happy with my settings for the time being. BTW do you guys have any recommendations on engine run-in post 1000km? Wish you guys happy holidays, and hopefully we will be able to meet up to drive our 420s together next year 😊
  10. Hi, Jcx, thanks for the reply, I just realized that my 420 wasn't delivered to me on factory setting! It was set on a way harder setting (both compression and rebound), that's why I always wondered why the ride was so hard... I have now managed to set everything to the recommended spec in the owner's handbook, and the ride seems much much better now... BTW, is there any chance to get me in touch with the Lotus dynamics engineer? I would probably need some more professional advice to tune the Nitron... Thank you
  11. Hi Guys, I have a 420 with the Nitron 3 way, and I have been following this thread to get a better understand our suspension. I have a few questions wondering if anyone could help: 1. When I turn the LS knob independently, it doesn't seem to have an end to it, how do I know if I have reached the hardest or softest setting? The HS knob can be turned until it cannot turn anymore. 2. Does any one know how many clicks there are for both knobs? 3. I drive it mostly for road use, so I am trying to give it a softer setup to tackle all road conditions. Wondering if anyone had experience with adjusting the rebound? Does clicking towards the softer side make the ride more compliant? Thanks
  12. wow, that's nice, you can finally explore some full out experience. I couldn't resist and did a couple of pulls over 45k rpm last night, and the sound when valves open up is pretty amazing!
  13. Hi, sam, thank you for the threads, I have dialed the compression to full soft and it has already made a lot of difference. Next, I will probably dial down the rebound a couple clicks to see the difference. BTW, when are you planning to do your post break-in service?
  14. Hi, Sam, thanks, have you come across any threads about the Nitron 3-way adjustments? I don't seem to be able to find many threads in the forum regarding this?
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