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  1. The 1st time it happened to me I switched the engine off counted to 10 and switched it back on. TC light went out and I switched the race button on. It never came back and hasn't done so while in race mode.
  2. If its a genuine 380 Cup then the vents are from the factory. Very nice in that colour.
  3. At the risk of sounding flippant and I'm not intending to be. I think Lotus have fitted a large number of useless brake switches at the factory judging by the quantity that are failing with not a lot of use. It'll be interesting to see how many Emira owners suffer the same problem.
  4. I spoke to an ex Elise 220 Cup owner yesterday. He said he had the same problem with his Elise. He said he put WD40 on the switch which he reckons cured the problem. He said the brake switch was sticking. No idea if that is correct just what he said.
  5. The disappointment for me is these problems shouldn't be arising on such young cars. I bet the same will arise on the new Emira. Poor quality parts as per usual.
  6. The TC light has just started to come on with my 350 Sport. It took about 25 miles before it came on last Friday. As said switching off and waiting a minute clears it but only for about a further 10 miles then it's back on. No loss of power. I am switching race mode on until it gets serviced to see if it has any effect. My car hasn't been driven hard at all. No track time. It has only 4600 miles and is exactly 3 yrs old. Its all very good putting new brake sensors on the car but how long will they last.
  7. Aren't these cars still under warranty?
  8. Jedifar, have a look at the Road Racing Centre who are based in France. They often have a few very nice 430 Cup Exige for sale. They aren't cheap but you will be getting a left hand drive vehicle for the states. Good luck and keep us in the loop.
  9. Lovely car, lovely colour. For me it has one big let down and I can't understand why Lotus do it on the 410s, 420s etc. The roof. You have that lovely carbon engine cover and front access panel and then they put a matt black roof to spoil the look. Colour coordinated roof would look much better and a carbon roof better still. Just my personal opinion. Lovely car though.
  10. The throttle response is much sharper on race mode on my car. Makes blipping the throttle on down changes much sweeter. Acceleration seems more urgent and of course it sounds fantastic.
  11. Lovely looking car. Great colour. Remember you can always take the roof off if you need to.
  12. Great post Bispal. Interesting comparison between the 430 Cup and McLaren.
  13. 3350 units over that period of time is not many at all. No wonder I rarely see a Lotus.
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