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  1. Aren't these cars still under warranty?
  2. Jedifar, have a look at the Road Racing Centre who are based in France. They often have a few very nice 430 Cup Exige for sale. They aren't cheap but you will be getting a left hand drive vehicle for the states. Good luck and keep us in the loop.
  3. Lovely car, lovely colour. For me it has one big let down and I can't understand why Lotus do it on the 410s, 420s etc. The roof. You have that lovely carbon engine cover and front access panel and then they put a matt black roof to spoil the look. Colour coordinated roof would look much better and a carbon roof better still. Just my personal opinion. Lovely car though.
  4. The throttle response is much sharper on race mode on my car. Makes blipping the throttle on down changes much sweeter. Acceleration seems more urgent and of course it sounds fantastic.
  5. Lovely looking car. Great colour. Remember you can always take the roof off if you need to.
  6. Great post Bispal. Interesting comparison between the 430 Cup and McLaren.
  7. 3350 units over that period of time is not many at all. No wonder I rarely see a Lotus.
  8. Good effort on the weight saving. I love the colour.
  9. Cheers duncx. That is exactly why I wanted it. I like silver wheels and the body coloured panels. I would like a 430 Cup but I love mine.
  10. I would say back to the dealer ASAP.
  11. Well I think it's been sold but not to me if it has. I appreciate the comments and I'm sure you re correct Mitch.
  12. Good effort. Mine is on a second policy that hasn't reached full no claims bonus yet. Nice to see it will get even cheaper though. 😁
  13. Regarding insurance I'm with LV. I pay £186.46p for 3000 miles per annum. No track days.
  14. That is a serious cock up for someone to have had. I wouldn't know how I would react to be honest.
  15. I don't know barabba. I thought all order books for the Exige were closed a while ago.
  16. The difficulty is that it is more than twice the price of my car and I love my car. However I would like a 430 Cup and the chance of having a new one will never come again. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking. It is the 1st new 430 Cup that I've seen for sale that I really like.
  17. One of the last 430 Cup cars has just come for sale at Bell and Colvill. Brand new car that pays homage to film The Spy Who Loved Me. That aside its a really good looking car imo. Is the difference between the 350 Sport and 430 Cup worth the price hike. Genuine question for you 430 Cup owners.
  18. Troyboy


    Congratulations. I feel your excitement every time I take my Exige out for a drive. Lovely colour in Laser blue as well.
  19. I think it's main competition is going to be the Urus and possibly the Cayenne. The 1000hp worries me. I think the price will be way above the other two.
  20. I have a 350 Sport on a 69 plate with 3650 miles. No gravelly noise or clutch rattle on my car. Sorry I can't be of any help other than that.
  21. Congratulations. Don't forget to post up some pictures.
  22. Which 430 Cup have you been to see. Is it the one you are buying or are you still looking.
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