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  1. As a V6 Exige owner I would place it in the sports car column. Matt W. I would be interested in what issues you have had. Had mine 2 and half years from new. No problems at the moment 🤞
  2. Cheers everyone. I'm based on the Yorkshire coast.
  3. Lovely car and lovely colour. Enjoy.
  4. Cheers Mitch. You are right of course these cars are as rare as hens teeth. You're Pewter grey car is one of the best colours. I love my 350 Sport but I do like the exclusivity of the Cup cars. I'm in no rush. I will know the right car when it comes along. Thanks for your comments.
  5. It's a shame Lotus didnt put a few 430 Cup FEs out to dealers with some more unusual colours. I would find it hard to resist this airforce blue car.
  6. Apologies mate. I thought that the VAT was included. It's all the money.
  7. Its plus 5%. I make it £90825
  8. Thanks Nathan. That is what worries me Dave. If an engine has been buzzed too much on track. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my question. I'm not bidding on the car. The auction process is not for me as it's a rush. I have my own car to sort out and I'm lacking in garage space for both cars. I'm watching with interest.
  9. Nathan, do you know what the reserve is on the Type 25. I've tried to ask but it won't let me ask any questions. Only 5 hrs to go. I can't see it selling at this price. It'll probably go up in a flurry of bids.
  10. They both look great but I prefer silver wheels. That air force blue with the carbon barge boards and silver finish looks incredible. The gold colour looks more retro to me. Wow to both. Thanks for posting.
  11. I've watched that Autostore video maybe 30 times in the last week. When it comes out of the garage at the start it looks stunning. The no 9 car from Leven is revved on the video when cold. If you look in the comments this is questioned and the answer given was that it was only 4000rpm and warmed up prior to this. Maybe right. Probably not.
  12. Thanks Bibs. Silver 111s was my 1st Lotus, Isotope 260 Cup was my 2nd Lotus. My current car is a 350 Sport.
  13. Thanks for that information. Rightly or wrongly I look at it as London to Leeds of track driving. I have a 69 plate 350 Sport Exige which I got with delivery miles although it was a pre reg car. I'm a bit of a fanny with it to be honest but it is cherished. Great road car.
  14. Apparently it's done approximately 200 miles on track days. I saw the description and it says that there is a blemish on the rear of the car. I'm hot and cold at the moment for the car. I went out in mine yesterday and it's a great car for the road. And the wife loves it. Which is not a necessity but helps. Thanks again for the replies everyone it is really appreciated.
  15. Yes I wondered that myself. It was whoosh I was thinking of. I did check the reg no on a vehicle check site and it is still registered to a green Exige. There is a thread on here from a couple of years ago where the original owner of your car posts up delivery pictures etc. Reading that thread leads me to think there is 3 green cars.
  16. Cheers Nathan. The write up on Collecting Cars says that there is only two in total in the country but on Google images there are three green ones with British plates. You snapped yours up before I got the chance to have a look. Another stunning car.
  17. Cheers Bispal. You have got a gorgeous car there. Looked at it lots of times on YouTube and the pics Lotus put out. It looks breathtaking in those Lotus stills.
  18. Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I've been in Lotus ownership for 16 yrs. Ive owned 6 different cars over the years. I currently own a nice 350 Sport Exige. Hopefully I will move up to a 430 Cup when the right car comes along. I'm retired now so enjoying life at my own pace.
  19. Thanks for the replies everyone. Good advice Tex, thanks.
  20. Morning everyone. I'm new here and am interested in buying the Type 25 430 Cup the is for sale on Collecting Cars. I was wondering if anyone knows the car on here. Its no9 of the 25 built. It was originally sold by Leven Lotus in Scotland. And I would like to know your thoughts on the car having done approximately 200 miles on track. Its putting me off but am I being too wary. Many thanks in advance for your help. Great thread by the way.
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