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  1. Lovely car, lovely colour. For me it has one big let down and I can't understand why Lotus do it on the 410s, 420s etc. The roof. You have that lovely carbon engine cover and front access panel and then they put a matt black roof to spoil the look. Colour coordinated roof would look much better and a carbon roof better still. Just my personal opinion. Lovely car though. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, Bispal said:

    Lotus made and sold 3,350 cars in total from 2017-2021 when the 430CUP was available. So any Lotus is rare as they have only averaged about 650 cars a year for the past decade.  Usually the UK market share for sports cars is 10% of global, that works roughly for every manufacturer. However USA and many other markets did not get the 430CUP, or any Exige. There were around 50 sold in the UK so 150 world wide sounds about the right number including Europe, Australia and some far east markets? 

    3350 units over that period of time is not many at all. No wonder I rarely see a Lotus. 

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  3. The difficulty is that it is more than twice the price of my car and I love my car. However I would like a 430 Cup and the chance of having a new one will never come again. I'm going to have to do some serious thinking. It is the 1st new 430 Cup that I've seen for sale that I really like.

  4. One of the last 430 Cup cars has just come for sale at Bell and Colvill. Brand new car that pays homage to film The Spy Who Loved Me. That aside its a really good looking car imo. Is the difference between the 350 Sport and 430 Cup worth the price hike. Genuine question for you 430 Cup owners. 

  5. 9 hours ago, Cemil Tacir said:

    Hi Everyone'

    I am going to drive my Exige Cup 430 for the first time tomorrow in Munich.

    How long will the break-in period takes, in everyone's experiences? 1000-1500 kilometers?

    How exciting for you Cecil. Post some pictures when you get the car. Enjoy and congratulations. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Gordon S said:

    Great for us lot that so few were ordered.
    I find it amazing how little coverage Lotus (and therefore the media) gave it, for such a special car. 

    I've been out in my 350 Sport today and it feels super quick to me. The 430 Cup must be epic. I suppose my car feels quick because my daily driver is a 1200cc Skoda. I do think that the 430 Cup will be the Lotus car that will have almost iconic status in the next 5+ years or so. The auto Emira will only inflate this status as it becomes more popular amongst Lotus cars and the manual V6 becomes rarer.

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