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  1. I have been asking advice on who to go to that is experienced with these motors. I have 3 names within my driving range. One name I heard twice and that nice to hear. I like the puller by snowrx. Looks like some machining would be necessary. I am also looking at any tool loaner programs. But at the same time that option as diminished since tools were not returned despite hefty loaner fees. Since I am going thru this I should look at performance builds that may have been referenced by members. Please shout if you know of these references. As always, thank you!
  2. Made some progress. Got the pistons out. Once the #4 was out, everything rotated much easier. I do not have a liner puller yet so once I pick one out, I will pull the liners. Been reading the forum posts and glad for the drdoom and cdoggy mentions to get up to speed on these. Lots of info and some interesting experiences suggesting care and planning. Thx to all. Here's some pics.
  3. Thank you Chillidoggy ..... Today I am planning to place it on the engine stand and soak for awhile. Reading up on getting liners out and running thru the links drdoom sent. What has your experience been on pulling liners and the tool you used? You said getting them out took a lot of force. Did you reuse/coat your liners? Did you send them (piston, rods and liners) out to a shop (Lesco and JAE in USA) for rework? Do they need the block? Thx
  4. Well, you will probably have head in hands when you see the crank pulley pics I just sent. At this point, I will slow up to take in the good information provided. I guess I just had to see for myself just how stuck the crank and pistons were (lay of the land). Also, the engine was already taken down to the bare block by the fella I previously entrusted the engine rebuild, the one who said the engine was trash. So I have been doing inventory on what I have, will need and advice from the forum. There are a number of good videos I have been watching, plus lotus esprit world, Dermot's and the parts/service manual. Since I am new at this forum, I am trying to digest additional info. I will take your suggestion to heart and thank you kindly!
  5. All, Check this out. I got the crank to move albiet #4 brought the sleeve with it. I stopped to collect my thoughts about what to do next. Do I keep turning the crank until #4 is all the way up, then stop to remove #4 plus sleeve. Then remove pistons one at a time when they reach top? Thanks in advance!
  6. First, thx for idea of the heat gun. Always happy to pull that out of its box! Secondly, drdoom ....... what is the "lump"? Also, any further detail on the "threads" comment? To that end, should I replace all studs attaching the head to the block? I had a big block Chevy where a bolt began to stretch (I think) as I reused it. Sold the car before I removed the head to see what was happening for sure. Thank you
  7. This makes sense to me. I'll give it a try! Thx
  8. Thank you for the replies! Correct .... the '95 engine is from my S4S. The damage (or lockup) is from a water logged engine. I had pulled the spark plugs and closed the hood while it was outside. I learned later (a very long time later) that while sitting outside rain was able to fill the engine. When I was ready to work on it (after 3 household moves), the engine would not turn. I have not explored why the person I sent the car to could not get it apart. He was able to strip it down to the short block. I do believe you are right in suggesting I marry the '95 engine back to the car. Is there a superduper crank pulley removal tool I should start with. I am guessing if I can get that off then I can make an attempt at getting the crank out. From the pictures attached you might wonder why there is any issue at all with disassembly. Thoughts?
  9. I have a locked up engine and am weighing rebuild options. My engine is a '95 but I also have a good '93 engine. So one option is to swap in the ' 93 which has the bottom and top ends assembled and ready to go. However, it would make better sense to have the '95 engine remain with the car. Is there help on the forum from persons who have rebuilt this motor? Are the liners difficult to swap out? Do they center-up on installation? Are they pressed in or fitted some other way? Do they require decking? Does the rebuild require someone with a good deal of 910 experience. These questions are why using the '93 long block remains as an option. Thank you
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