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  1. This is possible with the device (quotes below from Data Sheet attached) but this wouldn't apply to new, blank chips... Sector Protection/Unprotection The hardware sector protection feature disables both program and erase operations in any sector. The hardware sector unprotection feature re-enables both program and erase operations in previously protected sectors. Sector protection/unprotection must be implemented using programming equipment. The procedure requires a high voltage (VID) on address pin A9 and the control pins. Details on this method are provided in a supplement, publication number 22337. Contact an AMD representative to obtain a copy of the appropriate document. The device is shipped with all sectors unprotected. AMD offers the option of programming and protecting sectors at its factory prior to shipping the device through AMD’s ExpressFlash™ Service. Contact an AMD representative for details. It is possible to determine whether a sector is protected or unprotected. See “Autoselect Mode” for details. Hardware Data Protection The command sequence requirement of unlock cycles for programming or erasing provides data protection against inadvertent writes (refer to the Command Definitions table). In addition, the following hardware data protection measures prevent accidental erasure or programming, which might otherwise be caused by spurious system level signals during VCC power-up and power-down transitions, or from system noise. RS_AM29F010-70JC.pdf
  2. I've got the Data Sheet for the AM29F010-70JC Flash chips and and I'm wondering if some of the issues with MT-501 ECUs that fail to reflash could be poor connections to pin 31 on the soldering on the sockets, as this is WE Write Enable line...
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