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  1. One of the Evoras is duplicated three times so Emiras have actually overtaken in numbers. I had the chance to order an Emira, in blue but my thinking now is I’m happy I didn’t, I feel having an Evora is more unique which I’ve always connected to being a Lotus owner. Next question will be “How long until a Emira is cheaper than a run out Evora?”
  2. I think the colour suits the car but colour is very subjective, nice spec being one owner etc and my preferred front bumper is the 400, I just think it looks nicer and more aggressive. Check out the rear wheel picture, zoom in and you can see some horrid alloy dinks plus the tyre is scrap with a big side wall cut. Picture 21
  3. Harry’s thoughts are mostly non scripted but his experience and input is very much appreciated by this Lotus owner, even if he compared the Evora interior to the Emira like the old Defender to the new 🤨 bearing in mind I’m after an Evora 😆 but also I have an old Defender and the misses has a new 🙃. Moving from a possible purchase of an Emira to a definite purchase of an Evora, I’m now more positive that it’s the right choice for me. The rear of an Evora is much nicer but not the front, the deep side intakes of the Emira are nicer but not the overall body line. Yes the Emira dash is more refined but I just could not live with that Allegro shaped steering wheel 🥴
  4. My word, prices really are dropping, £5K knocked of one overnight 🙃
  5. Going with the home mechanic theme, it’s always good to have a good MOT mechanic, a friendly helpful person, who will point future possible failings. I fully rebuilt my 73 Escort Mexico, from having the shell dipped to totally road going track car. I have an excellent local garage MOT guy, and even though the car doesn’t legally require an MOT I still take it, we have a competition to see if he can find anything that needs attention and he often does, even though I know my car inside out.
  6. I remember in my days in the car industry, we would have a car that wasn’t selling, we would reduce the price a few times, change the ad and single, small, black and white photo in Autotrader 😆, maybe place a colour one in Top Marques with no luck. We would withdraw it for a while then re-advertise it at the original price and sell it. This was however in normal times without all the BS we have now and a major recession looming….
  7. Never waste a morning glory… youngun’s crack me up 🤣
  8. 😂 😂 it’s this wet Welsh weather getting to me 🙁 Your right, I lost track of that 👍 I think I just got the wrong sales guy….
  9. My real gripe was the lame excuse for not replacing the panel, and why photo the car with it on then take it off. With my initial enquiry, because of the distance I asked if I could send an independent inspector, to which the answer was “you would be wasting your money as we are an official Lotus dealer” as if to imply you can trust us implicitly. There’s the problem now, I don’t 🥴. Shame because the car fits my choices.
  10. Just interested in peoples thoughts, I was so close to buying a 410 sport last week from a Lotus dealer. The video I was sent, that was taken because of my enquiry, noted some minor paint scuff in front of the rear wheel arch, am I wrong to expect this should of been corrected before put in the showroom and up for sale? This then lead me to ask if any accident damage had occurred because upon studying the pictures and the video, I noticed in between the two being taken the black stone guard on the damaged flank missing……..! I asked the salesperson to which the answer worried me further, apparently it was a little “tatty” so it was removed. To which I further asked, why not replace? Next excuse was because they don’t have enough money in the car to spend on it!! I might of expected this from an independent but I’m sorry this is a Lotus main dealer. I don’t want to name the Dealer or point to the vehicle but again, am I wrong to expect a nearly 70K car from an official Lotus dealer to be perfect?
  11. Very nice but looking for a SC version, preferably 410 sport, trying to be specific with colour etc does limit the choice but as the discussion, prices do seem to be sticking.
  12. As per another post, I’m here now looking to buy an Evora because of the Emira. After watching Harry’s garage review and going to Goodwood this year I was up to placing my order, then the two year wait stopped me in my tracks. Then the price was moving too, not such a great proposition after all. I have my Esprit but want a modern sports car for regular use now our family car is a lumbering 4x4, the Evora fits because I’m not a Porsche lover and R8 too detached for my liking. I have concerns over the Evora price going forward and feeling uneasy with the current prices but if more people think like me the prices can go up 😬
  13. Perfect, I did try a search but came back blank, user error no doubt 😬
  14. Can anyone guide me to a link on flushing/changing my coolant please. I’m not looking to completely strip out the system but any help in where to drain and bleed would be great.
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