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  1. I stayed in a hotel on Saturday night before going to the car show at Glamis Castle yesterday (cracking day out and nice to meet C8RKH). Just before we had our evening meal, the owner came in to the bar asking who owned the Ferrari as she thought it would be better/safer parked right at the front of the hotel. Save yourself a shedload of cash and buy an Evora instead of a Fezza. I'm sure most people don't know what my car is unless they are close enough to see the badges. One thing I have noticed from time to time is the pronounced "pretend not to look" from some drivers of other high performance marques. You can see them clock the car from a distance but then adopt a fixed stare ahead as they go past you. Mainly M3 drivers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Still not had any negative comments when out and about.
  2. Mine has developed an intermittent fault, definitely related to the brake light switch. I can activate the DPM fault light by pressing the brake pedal, although not every time. Alarm clears every time after restarting the engine. Looking at FAQs, this seems to be a very common fault and if I'm lucky might be fixed by just a recalibration of the switch. Until I get it fixed, is traction control completely disabled when the warning light is on? Did Lotus make any changes to the switch over the life of the Evora or are all model years susceptible to this problem?
  3. Agreed, but reassuring to have the ECU dump, especially to make sure the engine hasn't been buzzed on downshifts. I got the data for 2 Evoras before I settled on the 3rd one I looked at. I couldn't believe how much time was spent at less than 2500 rpm. A bit like Driving Miss Daisy. The dumps make fascinating reading, almost like the owners were afraid to open the engine right up.
  4. I'd get an ECU dump to make sure it hasn't spent 95% of it's life over 6000 revs. I know Silverstone don't mind doing that as they did it for me when I was looking at one of their Evoras for sale. Looks like a great deal.
  5. One thing the Emira can't do is suddenly make the Evora a bad car. The Evora's exclusivity is a major plus point for me and driving it this weekend reminded me just how common Porsches are, they seemed to be everywhere. Fine cars but I doubt they get anywhere near half the attention an Evora does. I especially like the way people turn round to look at it about 50 yards before I pass them based on the exhaust burble alone (Sport mode engaged of course ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It will always be a very special car, regardless of how many Emiras are sold.
  6. Not a fan of the front end but apart from that I think it looks great. I might change my opinion when I see one in the flesh, the blue one Harry Metcalfe reviewed was stunning. Interior a very nice place to be. However, I haven't seen any reviews which say it's a step up in performance or handling from an Evora. So I'll be keeping mine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ The AMG engined car might be different, mind you. I hope Lotus sell them by the bucket load and use some of the profits to keep producing spare parts for Evoras!
  7. I agree, the silver/grey combo looks just right on the car. She was delivered with the black pack but the wheels were repainted a while ago. I'm looking forward to more runs on both sides of the Borders over the summer and hopefully see a few Loti along the way. Forgive me for posting another gratuitous pic of the beastie!
  8. Out for a run in the Scottish Borders this weekend, so many great roads and scenery.
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