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  1. Hello all, I’m new to this forum, so first off I’d like to say hello. Like many of you I imagine, I have been stimulated to Lotus by the launch of Emira and am a deposit holder here in the US. Before Emira I had been looking at Evora but was never able to find the right car. I put my deposit down on Emira, and have been participating actively on that forum since the launch. It’s a beautiful design, but there is something I find really appealing about Evora exterior styling, with just one exception being the front fascia of the most recent cars (at least on US models). It just seems too angular and open for the more fluid design of the rest of the car. I actually like the front end on the early cars, which seem to match the curvaceous lines of the original Evora design. Then I learned that the later European cars have a different front fascia that is smoother and just looks better than the brash US spec. I just watched a Harry’s garage video of a 2018 Evora GT 410 sport that has the European front fascia and it looks wonderful. So much better than the US spec. It got me to wondering if the European part can be a direct replacement for the US part on an Evora sold here in the US. Would anyone happen to know the answer to this question? The reason I ask is that now that I’ve placed my Emira deposit, just the right Evora GT has presented itself. It has me questioning whether I should wait for the Emira, which unfortunately is not exactly as I originally expected, and at least for the time being doesn’t seem to offer more than the 2021 Evora. Plus there seems to be an ever increasing wait even for early deposit holders and some of the features I’d hoped for won’t be on the early cars. So in short, I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on the Evora instead. But I know I will be so much happier with the European spec front fascia. Would really appreciate any guidance folks can offer. best, mike
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