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  2. Due to a change of circumstances I’m moving my Evora 400 on. It’s not been an easy decision and one taken with obvious regret as I did a lot of research and investigation prior to buying. The car drives amazingly well and coming from a Porsche it surprised me how well it actually drives, you’ve really got to experience an Evora to appreciate how well they drive. The noise is also very addictive. The forum has been a font of great information, and I can only apologise for not contributing more! Regards Mark
  3. @MC2021, please post your ad on Thanks.
  4. That ad has been like that for a week or so. They might not have the car, or it may be SOR with the owner keeping hold of it until potential buyers want to see it. The mileage is also higher than I would want.
  5. The above may be an older car, and a lot less money but still a very good buy at that price plus the 6% fee.…in January of this year.
  6. That’s a really great looking car, the roof and colour combination works really well. 👍🏻
  7. I’ve read plenty of reviews and watched plenty of reviews on YouTube - jayemm has a channel with a lot of information on his 400. I’m aware that the Evora has some minor failings but other than the high cost of a clutch change the Evora seems to gain very positive reviews. For me it’s about how different the Evora is to what I’ve had before (911 C2S).
  8. Local lotus franchise have said they’re not doing test drives - “management policy”. Would prefer to try what I’m looking to buy, and your suggestion of trying the S could be worth looking into. There aren’t a huge amount of Evoras for sale across the whole of the UK. So it might just be a case of being patient.
  9. Hi, I would be grateful if anyone on the forum who is considering selling, or is selling, could get in touch as I am ready to buy. Even if you aren’t selling just now please get in touch as I would be prepared to wait for the right car. My criteria for an Evora is: Second Generation car 400 or possibly 410 (This would depend on spec and price of the 410) Colours: Blue, Silver, Grey, possibly Black but not Black with Black Wheels. I specifically don't want yellow, red or orange. Regarding White, I'm not fully decided about yet Low-ish mileage non smokers car First choice would be a blue hethel edition Must have full Lotus Service History preference is manual but may consider an IPS No more than 2 owners from new Preference is 2+2 seating rather than 2+0 (But not a deal breaker) Budget £59k max Thanks Mark
  10. Sat in an Evora for the first time recently, was pleasantly surprised by the cabin. It felt better than I expected and a reasonably nice place to be. When I looked round to check the room in the back it was smaller & tighter than I expected. For all but the smallest children I think it would be a bit too much of a squeeze. I’m coming from a different brand but looking forward to getting a decent test drive in an Evora, (400 or 410) and hope it’s as good as all the reviews say.
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