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  1. On the off-chance anyone as messaged me already, I had disabled my messenger somehow, it's back on now. DOH!
  2. As per link to TLF shop/Lotus this is a cover for a 240 Sport and is logo'd as such but I guess it would fit other non-cup Elises. This cover comes with a bag and straps to hold it tight, although I never needed them. In green and in top notch condition. Only used for a few months in the garage and now the car has gone, the cover must go too. £250 o.n.o. Can ship at buyers cost (I've not calculated the cost or weight but I would guess its about 5kg and fairly large in the bag so estimate from there). Collection from Loughborough or Lutterworth available. Unfortunately I never took a photo of the car with the cover on so you have to use the link to see how it fits, and the attached photo for the colour. The only difference between the link and this cover is this one says "LOTUS" on the rear and not "For the Drivers" and it has 240 sport logos as pictured. Any questions just ask! Link here:
  3. Why? Can't really drive it anywhere near it's potential on the roads where I live and it's in reality too nice for the track where it belongs. I plan to buy something I can modify for track use and get my hands dirty with. Probably sell through a dealer for convenience and security but will see what happens, in no rush at all.
  4. Cheers! The car will be for sale after Easter unfortunately as I really can't make the most of it but I'm enjoying being a Lotus owner whilst I can!
  5. So, here (finally) is a picture of mine...I've been too busy driving it to take photos...
  6. Love the plate. Car looks very classy.
  7. I am part of the Yellow Slightly More Magnificent Eight...
  8. Hi all. I've had supercharged cars before and the boost was "controlled" by a butterfly on the throttle body that closed at a preset throttle position, forcing boost into the inlet manifold. This meant that you could manage boost with your right foot. I'm interested what the set up is on the 220/240 Sports. The supercharger will make boost all the time so I guess there's something allowing it to re-circulate but it's very difficult to find details online so if anyone knows and can give me a clue I would appreciate it.
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