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  1. What do you think how long is the type 133? It looks like 5 Meters, but the front of the car seems to be shorter than NIO ET7 or Tesla Model S.
  2. I think the front STARTS very low. That should be good for air resistance. You can also make out the same DLR-lights as the Eletre has. But it seems the cover has a hole just underneath them. So there should be the second pair of DLR-lights from the prototype picture. You can also see the LIDAR sensor on top. Hopefully it can be retracted. I'm especially curious about the back of the car. There is a render of a magazine that just took the behind of the eletre and shrunk it. The proportions looked terrible. So the designers hopefully came up with something beautiful.
  3. First spyshots of Type 133:
  4. I think they are only testing. The Lotus research center in near the Nürburgring.
  5. The Eletre has been spotted at the Nürburgring. Just crazy how he made a burnout while driving. You can see it right at the start of the video. This car looks quick. Not sure if it is the 900 hp version though. It also looked like this car doesn't have rear wheel steering.
  6. Lotus is killing me. I want more infos about the Type 133. A teaser, anything. I am already imagining myself on the Autobahn in one, while I am driving in my Golf...
  7. Found it:
  8. I think I read somewhere that Lotus uses this new CATL battery tech. It is also interesting as CATL has this battery swap technology called Chocobo or something like that.
  9. In all the Eletre youtube videos, they say that there will be a head-up display. Does anyone know, if this will also be able to navigate with an augmented reality function? Like the VW ID models or the EQS?
  11. It's not that they are in the same market. It's that they target a similar audience, when they both gun for the Porsche Taycan. Lotus could target the Taycan and Polestar the Mercedes EQS/EQE, BMW i7 but they are not. Every week I drive through Ingolstadt, but in my whole life, I have only seen two E-Tron GT's on the road. I see a lot more Taycans. And the Porsche is more expensive. For me, it seems the VW Group should be bothered
  12. Luckily, these early renders never look anythink like the finished products. I think this car looks awefull. Hopefully, the front will look sleaker. I don't like the double headlights. The ones of the Eletre look better. If I could wish for one thing, it would be a backside like one of those Aston Martin Zagatos. Something special, not just your typical Taycan, E-tron GT, Model S style. The Polestar 5 is a good example. It's something new and stands out from the mass of sport coupés. Oh and it should have a low drag coefficiant. But most of all, I hope it is not as long as the Eletre. 5 Meters is the absolute maximum for me and the parking garage at my job . But probably none of this wishes will come true, as the car will be made with chinese customers in mind.
  13. The Polestar 5 should play in the same league as the Lotus type 133. The Power is the same or even more. The price is the same or even more. They even aim for the Taycan, as does the Lotus. Strange for Geely to gun for Porsche with two brands.
  14. The drag coefficient is kind of disapointing. The BMW iX is 0,25 cd. So it is worse even with all the holes in the car.
  15. Does anyone know the Drag Coefficient of the Eletre already? Lotus talks a lot about the aerodynamic and make a lot of holes into the car. I wonder, what that achieves. The BMW iX for example, has a drag coefficient of 0.25.
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