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  1. Hi Slade That sounds to me like a typical over heating problem. The radiators on these cars are worked very hard, so if there is any part blockage even when the fans cut in they have a hard time coping. Check to see if it needs flushing out. Also check to see if all your fans are working when they start up. You can also see if the water filler cap needs replacing, they degrade over time letting pressure in system drop which in turn lets the heat rise. Also have you got the summer thermostat installed this helps to keep temp down. Ray
  2. Hi Rich Have a look at manifold for any cracking or exhaust gaskets for leaks both could give a ticking sound without noticeable loss of power. Hope this helps Ray
  3. Ray


    And its a click from me Ray
  4. Thanks for your comments Troy seems to be and looks good I think I better start saving Ray
  5. So what's the verdict Troy on the quality and fit thinking of getting one for my car (mines a Stevens but very similar I would have thought ) Ray
  6. I will be going Sunday but I will be joining motorway bit farther north (A14/M6 turn) unfortunately I wont be in the esprit but will be looking in my mirrors for some very low wide machinery caching me up should be quite a site. Give me a blast on your hooter's if you see/notice me I will be in a matalic blue MR2 Have a safe journey Ray
  7. Hi Paul Have you still got the same fuel that you had 2 years ago, if you have this may be part of the problem as the fuel deteriorates with time. If there is only a small amount in the tanks then putting some more in will dilute the old and be ok. Then once the car is started and up to temp a good run should help clear all the jets that may have clogged up bit while the car as just been standing. Hope this helps Ray
  8. Sorry Dan I have no idea what it is for, but I have the same plug on my car hanging loose so there's no need to worry that something has fell of ( I hope ) Ray
  9. Hi Dan The plug fits in to the socket that is fixed to the back of the relay box. Ray
  10. Hi James Have you checked the earth lead to the engine to see if it is tight and not corroded, also that the leads to the starter are ok. If battery is ok with the headlights on when you try starter do they dim a bit then come strait back up to fall strength . if they do then suspect bad earth or bad starter motor. if they stay the same then suspect leads to starter. Hope this helps Ray
  11. HI Daniel Check that the plug leads are not tracking to earth that can make a ticking sound. you can check by looking around engine bay in a dark place (watch the fingers. things are still hot and whizzing around even in the dark ) Ray
  12. Hi mark I have an early Stevens and the gaps are about 7 to 8 mill front and back edge. the gaps on these cars are never going to be as small and even as the steel cars. Ray
  13. Ray


    HI Alejandro The cleaned up parts look a treat, B) almost seems a shame to have to take it back out on the roads. I did notice in the picture of the cleaned up suspension, that the steering arm to ball joint nut looks like its not done up tight. It may be the picture, or you may have done it already. Just thought I would mention it incase it got over looked. Keep up the good work. Ray
  14. Hi Ed If you are changing your spark plugs at the normal service times then it highly unlikely that you need new plugs in between. If one of them starts to play up, then you will know because the engine will only be running on three cylinders all or part of the time and as you say it runs fine. As for the leads/wires again if they have gone bad then this would give bad running. How ever some times when the leads start to break down they can give intermittent problems that might not be noticed. With this in mind check that all of the connections to the plugs and distributor cap are clean a
  15. Hi Dan The fans will stay on for long periods of time if the car is just standing still, what should happen is that the fans should come on until they cool the water then cut out, but if your standing still they will cut back in very quickly Also if your expansion cap has been left of then your system would not be pressurised so your water would come up to a higher temperature sooner again turning the fans on. If your temperature is reading ok and you are shore that the thermostat is opening try putting the cap back on your expansion tank and see if the fans cut in and out. But if your n
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