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  1. Richard at Sportomotive is good from what I have seen so far and gives me regular emails and responds quick when I have questions. Just one thing drellis. One item within the contract that Richard demands when he is selling a car on SOR is that the car has a CAT on it. If it is De-catted then for him to take it on SOR, a CAT must be purchased and fitted or he can do that for you but at a cost. Regards Chats
  2. My Esprit is at this moment currently residing with Richard at Sportomotive on this very scheme. I think that his offer to me was a fair one. Just need the car to sell now :-). Unfortunately only getting rid of due to buying a house, getting married and impending change of job all in a year. Regards Chats
  3. Yeah I agree too that the cars do need a little bit of care and attention more then some 'run of the mill' cars but at the moment, my Lotus is the weekend car with 55k miles on it and my daily runner is a little Mk2 Clio with FSH and 60k miles. So far miles travelled wise, I have done about the same distance in both cars now (obviously owning the Clio for less time) and the Lotus has been the more reliable of the two cars in terms of defective parts that I have had to replace!. Time will tell how long that this will last but it is just the joys of motoring. B) Hope that you get the cc sorted soon though mate. Regards Chats
  4. Danny, I changed my wastegate on my GT3 and then had about a couple of months period where I couldn't get the car to boost right at all. Ended up taking it too 2 different places and they didn't seem capable of setting the car up correctly. One got it close and then I adjusted the wastegate to finish it off. It was still overboosting slightly at the top of the rev range and bizarrely when I fitted my dump valve, it sorted the problem out, that and disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to allow the car to learn its settings again. If you change wastegates, Dave Walters does a very nice alloy one which is great. As for the way the GT3 drives generally, Mark TC pretty much has it summed up. Yours should definately starting boosting at 3000rpm and the car does feel a little bit slow for accelerating up to 3000rpm. Also as Jonathon mentioned, the car should definately drive smoothly up to the 3000rpm point and then at that point you do get a bit of a stumble as the turbo switches in to start boosting. The GT3 is just one of those cars that you really have to 'drive' to get the best out of it. Hope that you manage to get to the bottom of your problem soon as I remember mine when the turbo wasn't working correctly and it did make the car a displeasure to drive. Regards Chats
  5. Sounds like a story for watchdog Si!!!. I had interesting problems with the Busseys in Fareham. Surfice to say, I never used them again!. Chats
  6. Si, It will be a few months yet before the Lotus makes its way to Glasgow (Need to check it will fit in the garage and don't move in until July). Plan on making visits back though and will definately pop in and say hello before I go. Hope all is well. Chats
  7. Thanks Bibs, Murray Motor Company looks like the ideal place to take my car. Use Strattons at the moment so not a stranger to official dealers for work. Just want to continue getting the Lotus stamps in the FSH!. Regards Chats Also thanks Kimbers. May make the odd trip down to Norwich though every now and again as the parents will still be there!.
  8. Instead of trapezing through the abyss that is google, I thought I would fire this question out to the experts of all things Esprit!. I am in the process of relocating from Norwich to Glasgow and was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations of good garages and Lotus specialists in particular (if there are any up this way) where I can take my GT3 for servicing, MOTs and general garage type work?!. Regards Chats
  9. Adam Harris, 1999 ESPRIT GT3 SCCEA0823XHC22294 Location Norwich currently though could be relocating to Glasgow by the end of the year Chats
  10. I have also bought many a part from Steve at SJ's and I have never had any problems either. Got a part the other day which was out of stock when I ordered it and still got it within a week of order!. Chats
  11. Yeah I do. Had it way before the Lotus arrived and it has been in bits for about 4 years now. Waiting on my chassis which the bloke doing is really taking his time with!!!. It is an SS1 which is the littler one they did which is a two seater convertable. When I bought it, it was the 1600 running on an XR3 engine though as part of my rebuild, I am converting it to an 1800Ti with a Nissan Silvia Turbo engine which will give it a lot more oompf!. Got lucky with a lot of the parts I have pieced together for it (Thanks you Ebay!) and the engine which was made in 1988 has 0 running miles!!!! as it was bought as a spare engine and never actually has been in a car yet!. Still got the factory seals and plugs in it!. Should be fun to piece together when I finally get my chassis back (Bloke has had it ages!). Gonna have to make a wiring loom for the car pretty much from scratch so think that will be quite a challenge!. Look forward to watching the continued progress of your car. Regards Chats
  12. Hey Buddsy, Amazing efforts so far!!!!. Looks like you are doing the lot!!!. A bit different but when I start finally rebuilding my Reliant Scimitar SS1, may pick your brains on a few issues as by then, you will be a real expert!!!. Looking forward to seeing the car as it progress!. Regards Chats
  13. Can't remember where but I am definately sure I have also seen that car before....remember the unique alloys!. Think it may have been the lotus show a couple of years back. Chats
  14. chats371l


    Yep it was good to see another Esprit too!. Just giving the car a run now that I finally have the turbo problem sorted!!!!. The cure, installation of a dump valve?!. No complaints though as it is now running the best it ever has!!! Hope to get down to an AEG meeting soon Regards Chats
  15. Hi Troy, I have sent an email to the address that Bibs placed on the add but thought I would back up my interest with a message here. I am very interested in the full set of Alpine speakers that you have going?! Regards Chats
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