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  1. Im on Carbs (UK) - I will investigate cams/inlet for now. But thank you all comments and knowledge is appreciated.
  2. Hi - thanks. Ive been looking on the forum but finding it difficult to narrow down on the right info. Maybe its because Im trying to search via phone and not a laptop.
  3. Thanks - so BarryK youd stay original-ish? Can you recommend a turbo type and inlet/exhaust make? Also are there possibly a set of faster road cams that someone could recommend? The engine is coming out for some other bits so it makes sense to get as much done as I can. Ta.....JT
  4. Not sure if its a recommended option. But to improve performance and reliability do people normally rebuild the factory engine e.g. in mine its a 1988 Turbo (x180) or is there an alternative engine swap thats tried and tested and comes in kit form?
  5. Remove the decal.....Is it not factory fitted?
  6. Hi its a 1988 Lotus Esprit Turbo (x180) - better photos to follow. Its going in early Jan 2022 for a C Service and some other essential bits....
  7. New to Lotus Esprit Ownership. Already know its gonna need some help. Here for knowledge and sharing !!!
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