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  1. Hopefully this thread is still active as I bought a 1975 Elite last year that had sat under a tarp for at least 10 years. The car is basically sound with only 20K miles on the clock but unfortunately all the interior is a mess. It looks like it spent 20 yrs sitting in a sauna so everything is rusted to hell. I would like to get the car back on the road but don’t want to spend 8 years restoring it as I did with my Elan S2. So Doris the Dog if you are still working on the car may be we can work together to resolve our unsurmountable problems. Ivan W
  2. I know this is an old topic but removing my 1975 Elite dash was an absolute pain, to the point that whoever did the design is not an engineer and should have been shot!!! Everything was badly rusted and there were three relays bolted to the back of the glove box that I had to basically rip out. Part of the problem was my car has sat for 15 years under a tarp and everything was completely seized up. Still trying to recover the mess I ended up with and not sure if I can ever get it back to how it was. Good luck to anyone trying this. Ivan W
  3. I have located a front and rear European spec bumper which I hope to bring back to Canada when I return from the UK in April. Hopefully they will fit in a ski bag so I can get them check onto my flight. Anyone know the size of the Euro style bumper? Also anyone have any recommendations for switching them over, are the mounting holes and hardware the same? Ivan
  4. Hi Roland, Does not seem to have been much activity on you thread recently so was wondering how it was going.? I live in Canada and bought I believe a 75 Elite same colour red but have not started any serious work on it yet as it is winter and my garage is not heated. It would be great to get in contact with you as I am sure I am going to need help although I recently finished (sort of) restoring a 65 Elan. Cheers Ivan Wood
  5. I have just bought a 1975 Lotus Elite that has not moved for over 12 years so need quite a lot of work however it has the ugly US Federal bumpers. I was wondering how difficult is it to swap to the European style, if I can find any. Can they be just swapped out or does it require changes to the original bodywork? Thanks Ivan W
  6. I am a member of the Eastern Ontario LC but have not heard of anyone having molds on this side of the Atlantic. Where was your guy and is he still able to make them? Thanks Ivan
  7. I wish I did have the white one but no I only have the red one. I bought it because it belonged to a friend of my son’s uncle who is 80+ and has owned it since new but now has nowhere to keep it and wanted it to go to someone who restore it and keep it from the junk yard. It needs quite a lot of work as it has not been driven for 12 years and is very wet inside so need drying out first. Ivan
  8. I assume the car was built to US specs even thought it was bought in Canada. There is a foam pad about 3” thick that was glued to the front but has come off although it was still with the car. I would like to fit something a little more appealing as in the attached photo so does anyone know if they are still available?
  9. Managed to open it enough to get my arm inside and spray WD40 on the strut piston rods. Left it to soak for a while then steadily worked it up and down until it came free but no pressure left in the strut but I can now remove the battery. Thanks for your help. Ivan
  10. I managed to cut slots in the done heads and used my impact driver with a thin pickle fork to keep upward pressure on the screw inside the trunk. Probably not the safest way but at least the glass did not break!!! Unfortunately the gas struts must be seized as it only open a couple of inches so need to work on that after coffee. ivan
  11. There are two black dome heads just above the trim strip are these what you drill out? If so where do you find replacements?
  12. There are two black dome heads just above the trim strip are these what you drill out? If so where do you find replacements?
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