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  1. Yes Gis, I know Oberkirch, it is not far away, perhaps 20 km. We have a lot of great roads in the hills of the Black Forest. Still not tested them with the Esprit, because at the moment there is to much salt and snow, but in former times with the Elise I had a lot of fun.
  2. Hi Gis, thank you for the complements. Have seen a lot of pics of your S3 turbo and it's one of my favourites beside Essex and brown James Bond.
  3. Thanks, don‘t worry, there was a smooth blanket under the tree. I had detailed the paintwork before and wantet no scratches.
  4. Had a problem with my text, now solved.
  5. Hello dear lotus friends, My name is Joachim, I'm 58 years old and I live at the foot of the Black Forest near Baden-Baden in South Germany. I drove an Elise R MK2 since 2008 and had a lot of fun with the car. In the meantime, the Elli has been sold (2017) and my wife and I have made a Boxster 718S out of an Audi S5 Cabrio and the Elli. Actually a nice car, but too perfect and boring for me. Since I've always loved vintage cars and my first car was a Fiat Spidereuropa, I've been more and more involved with vintage cars in recent years. A Volvo P1800S and a Fiat Spider were added, both of which have been and are still being restored. My son has an Alfa Alfetta GT. After the covered parking spaces within the family and our own garage were no longer sufficient, the opportunity to rent a small hall from a good friend came at just the right time. So everything was cleared out, cleaned and painted, a lifting platform installed and the dream came true. If you've been working in your own garage for 35 years with a trolley jack and jack stands, it's really a dream to work. I've been a Lotus driver again for 3 months now, more precisely Esprit S4S. Bought from a nice member of the German Lotus Forum. Originally it was supposed to be an S2 or S3, but I wanted a reliable vehicle that was more suitable for travel and that I didn't have to tweak so much. After all, I have enough oldies and so the decision fell on the S4. At the moment it's being prepared by me, paint, interior, leather and the OZ Futura's. It has also proven itself as a Christmas tree transporter. This was a crazy idea among friends over a few beers. Everything worked without damage, it was only 3 km at a maximum of 60 km/h. I'm looking forward to a lot of information, good discussions and I hope to be able to contribute one or the other. With this in mind, stay healthy, greetings from Germany Joachim
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