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  1. Excellent- good to know, thanks! Sighthill quick and easy to get to from me.
  2. Discussed with links p187 of Market Watch
  3. The green NA at Atherstone, as discussed on the Market Watch thread. I'd want to completely re-upholster the interior. As already suggested, some warning flags as to its previous use, car and attention. The Grey 400 IPS with Sytner. Gorgeous as is.
  4. I looked at the Sytner Grey 400 and was wowed by the interior and easier access compared to a SR. I need to move from tyre kicking to an actual comparison drive. I'm very much torn between the softer, lighter, purer NA opposed to the weapon that evidently is the 400. I have an old Suzuki Swift as an expendable shopping trolley, and I get far more fun out of hustling that than anything more powerful. However, I'm also of an age where an IPS is desirable (especially for a GT car), and the supercharger/IPS combo in a 400 would definitely fit the bill. I shall stop time-wasting and get on with some test drives in the new year. Thanks
  5. Apologies, I was using the term "LE" as a generic pre 2012 model cars descriptor. Ba55uma, now that this thread has given me some "cost to fix" indicators, your SR does indeed look very good vfm. Time for some more man maths 👍
  6. Thanks Bruss, I'm more of an engine noise fan than music lover. I too prefer the SR, but I baulk at paying £50k when a newer, lighter car can be had for the same. Plus I am still sulking about missing out on a SR IPS in perfect colours for £38k last year! Jep, just seen yours. Thanks for that. I was thinking of either the Empire Green or the Ruby Red LEs on at the moment. Your figures suggest £5k plus a few 000's for niggle things, so £35k + all in. Does push me towards a 400....
  7. Not so much a question of budget, more value for money. Does spending x? £ on a £30k LE stack up against £50k on a 400. Either are within budget. Probably the 2nd question is how difficult are all the fettling jobs on a LE? I'm in Scotland so wouldn't enjoy the same proximity to Lotus specialists as someone in the Midlands/South East.....
  8. Hi all, I have been lurking on TLF for years, whilst trying to justify an Evora purchase. Was about to get a SR last year, didn't, and am obviously regretting it now given residuals! Now that SRs are commanding early 400 prices, I'm looking at LEs, but I'm put off by the condition of some. Has anyone tried (or could hazard a guess at the cost) of taking an unloved LE and making it top notch? So pax air bag fix, gear cables, clutch and a re-trimmed leather interior? I'd like the car to be a reliable and comfortable GT to tour Europe, NC500, the odd commute (fast A roads) and Sunday blatts. A 400 strikes me as better value for money now than a SR or LE + cost to fix, but is a 400 too extreme for my intended use? For context, previous fun cars have been a TVR Chimaera and Subaru BRZ. If I could combine the reliability, steering and handling of the BRZ, with the power, comfort and touring ability of the TVR I'd be delighted. Many thanks!
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