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  1. If the brake switch isn't setup properly, it will still cause the MIL. You need to take the car to a dealer to read the ABS codes. That will (should) tell you where the fault is, rather than guessing. They can also check that your new brake switch is activating correctly. Technically, Lotus 20/20 (the current diagnostic tool), is publically available, in a slimmed down version, because it has to be by law. You will probably find that some specialists have this version. But it's not at a price that average joe public will want to spend. Dave
  2. How do you know it is not the switch? You need to read the code(s).
  3. This is incorrect. The Sport 350 only had a single solenoid, the airbox flap was unused, so the solenoid on the airbox was used to operate the exhaust valve - the solenoid affixed to the subframe on the Exige S, was deleted on the Sport 350. As I have seen on most A23 intake installs, the exhaust valve will never operate correctly, because the vacuum accumulator that is part of the airbox, is deleted. With the exhaust valve connected directly to supercharger, the valve will open and close of it's own accord, as vacuum comes and goes with the throttle. To the OP, if you wish for your exhaust valve to operate as originally intended, plus with use of the button on the side of the column, you will need to reinstate the solenoid, and include a one-way valve and vacuum accumulator in the circuit. This will ensure that the valve can remain closed, when there is no vacuum present at the engine - and get rid of the annoying valve opening and closing whenever you accelerate gently / change gear / etc. Dave
  4. It is screwed to the dash on both sides. So you need to remove the dash binnacle (to do which you need to remove the steering column shroud), and the airbag cover (need new clips). You may also need to remove any head unit surround trim. Then just pull the central trim panel off with the vents. Watch/listen out for tower clips disappearing into the dash, as they will rattle and roll around if you don't retrieve them.
  5. If the chargecoolant is getting far above ambient, then you've got other issue(s). It should never get warm enough to create any real pressure, under normal operating conditions. I'd be surprised if this would cause a MIL. I've seen plenty of leaking bottles and caps, but never MIL caused by it. Unless the pump isn't working. Dave
  6. Nothing was ever fitted in this position on the Lotus installation. Dave
  7. Hi Phill. Unfortunately we don't have the 400 type actuator in stock. And the price is slightly eye-watering at £233+VAT! A bit of diagnostics should establish whether you need one. Dave
  8. You need an accumulator for the valve to not open and close randomly with throttle openings - not direct connection to the inlet plenum (or SC). This is built-in to the airbox, so as per EvoraBob, if you tee off the vacuum feed to the airbox flap, it should work. Dave
  9. Sorry didn't see this one first time round. The 'actuator' you can see in the rear window is actually the bypass valve. This opens when the engine is producing producing vacuum (idle and light throttle), to bleed off the boost created by the charger (spinning all the time driven by engine). If this is sticking shut, then the car will be running more boost than it wants at idle and light throttle, and therefore theoretically running lean. The ECU will be attempting to compensate like mad by chucking fuel in. The bypass valve is on a spindle that you'll see disappear into the charger. There is a vacuum actuator attached to it - this is the round pot thing you can see with an arm on it, attached to the bypass spindle. The vacuum actuator should be connected to the charger via a small hose, check that this is present and intact. If you disconnect the actuator arm, you can double-check that the spindle is free moving (engine off!). If you apply a vacuum to the hose, the actuator should open the bypass, and hold it open without a continuous vacuum. If it returns to closed with non-continuous vacuum applied, then the actuator diaphragm has failed. We may well have an actuator in stock, I can check tomorrow. Dave
  10. Wow! Paul! Amazing! What an opportunity to drive your dream. Well done! Dave (@Hangar)
  11. Got a new compressor on the shelf here if you need one Pierre @series_one? It's not a Denso one, but we've fitted a few of these and no problems to date. £430 +shipping +vat. Dave
  12. The 175 was introduced to promote some understeer in the car - or rather reduce oversteer / number of S1s written off in ditches. I would absolutely not go down to 165. Factory recommended replacement for the AD07 is Yokohama V105, with 195 on the front. With ensuring your suspension geometry is setup correctly also. Dave
  13. At the age (and your mileage) of these cars - these sorts of issues are becoming more common as the hoses and clips get perished and tired. A look up the back end of the chassis where that sill hose joins the pipe should determine if that is the problem. If not, it will be tracking down from somewhere. The aluminium pipe across the rear bulkhead (unless you have the earlier up-and-over) is another culprit, as it corrodes against the bulkhead heatshield. Minimum in the coolant tank when cold is perfect and normal. Dave
  14. We have 100% fitted a normal harness bar to a 250 Cup FE. But maybe Lotus did something different in the non-Cup cars - it certainly wouldn't be the first time, trust me! Dave
  15. We might actually be taking one out of a car in the near future - not sure what the customer has decided yet - I will try to find out. It would be the front part of the cage only, but it is a factory item, you would still need the A-frame and potentially roll over bar (depending on what Lotus have fitted to your car). Dave
  16. Sill hose (or clip thereon) likely culprit in that area. Dave
  17. We've got one in bits at the moment, but it has been rebuilt as standard (not verniers and ECU). But we've done that job to plenty of other Lotus Dave (of H111)
  18. You don't need canbus type - Evora isn't that clever, thankfully.
  19. The reflector ones barely reflect - we've had them fail.
  20. Don't forget you will need some reflectors for MOT legality.
  21. Hi Paul. Yeah the nut plates make the job easier, as it's a bit buried in the subframe. You could probably make it work with nuts and washers if you really wanted to. Some cars aren't pre-drilled, but most of the later ones usually are. Dave
  22. You mean you've still not done that kitchen?! 😆 Dave Haha - I guess not!
  23. There are special rules around prototypes - I don't profess to be an expert, but I understand that they are supposed to be destroyed (or certainly most circumstances) and not put onto the road once they have served their purpose. So in theory you shouldn't find (m)any. But this being Lotus, inevitably they do fall out of the back door. Dave
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