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  1. DH2's post in How to remove radio surround/mounting assembly from dash? was marked as the answer   
    It is screwed to the dash on both sides.  So you need to remove the dash binnacle (to do which you need to remove the steering column shroud), and the airbag cover (need new clips).  You may also need to remove any head unit surround trim. Then just pull the central trim panel off with the vents.  Watch/listen out for tower clips disappearing into the dash, as they will rattle and roll around if you don't retrieve them.
  2. DH2's post in Evora 400 Supercharger actuator not working was marked as the answer   
    Sorry didn't see this one first time round.
    The 'actuator' you can see in the rear window is actually the bypass valve.  This opens when the engine is producing producing vacuum (idle and light throttle), to bleed off the boost created by the charger (spinning all the time driven by engine). If this is sticking shut, then the car will be running more boost than it wants at idle and light throttle, and therefore theoretically running lean.  The ECU will be attempting to compensate like mad by chucking fuel in.
    The bypass valve is on a spindle that you'll see disappear into the charger.  There is a vacuum actuator attached to it - this is the round pot thing you can see with an arm on it, attached to the bypass spindle.
    The vacuum actuator should be connected to the charger via a small hose, check that this is present and intact.  If you disconnect the actuator arm, you can double-check that the spindle is free moving (engine off!).  If you apply a vacuum to the hose, the actuator should open the bypass, and hold it open without a continuous vacuum.  If it returns to closed with non-continuous vacuum applied, then the actuator diaphragm has failed.
    We may well have an actuator in stock, I can check tomorrow.
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