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  1. Just been watching Bangers and Cash and the restoration of OON 479X. Great to watch
  2. Anybody wanting wheel bearings pressed in/out,let me know. I have lost interest in finding a garage that is prepared to do it,I've ended up buying one. Manchester area. [email protected]
  3. I know I know....I'm being naughty. I can't put the topic in the correct area. So if the mods delete it...oh well. It's not mine so it's for the interest for the Eclat
  4. That would be totally pathetic. There was a petition regarding a race track creating too much noise from the locals
  5. I was going to mention that,but the OP stated NPC is unavoidable. Most supermarket car parking,I park where no one else parks,even if it means walking
  6. I'm not an Esprit owner,big money. But on my cars I use a permanent fixture,a lambda and a air/fuel ratio gauge. I do have colourtune,can't fault it. But with the lambda/gauge setup,it's,instead of spark plug out.
  7. I'm a year behind,just watched it. As for the presenters,Jodie gets my vote....QW comes across as a snob
  8. Hello all, On the blow-thru Esprits,the bottom port on a Malpassi pressure regulator is the return to tank,which will have a rubber hose leading to the metal pipe. In between the rubber hose and metal pipe,is there a push-on fitting,or is the rubber hose pushed on over the metal pipe? thanks Paul
  9. A white Esprit,it would have been post 1987 model
  10. In Heywood today,very niiiiiiiice
  11. blow-thru


    Did you get the reg number? Might be on here From what I've been told by someone who has driven one,is that they are noisey,to the point that earplugs need to be used. I'll still buy one
  12. Interesting replies. Here's mine,a 1992 2/3 door Ford Sierra
  13. Hi Jim, yes,a couple of Dells the fuel is going through. The psi figures you've given should help in my search. Thanks Jim
  14. Hi folks, I hope you all are having an enjoyable Christmas. Christmas is another joyful day off work for me. Just been called by my mate,'The Grinch' Anyway,I've been searching around for the correct fuel pump used on the turbo Esprit and found bosch 0580464070. Is this correct,as 3bar pressure ( 43.5psi) seems too high? thanks Paul
  15. Interesting that it has been done in the Lotus world. I've installed MJ in my non-Lotus car I assume that coilpacks where used.
  16. I just hope it won't be you Scott,that will be wearing the bikini
  17. A shame your hunt has proved unfruitful. 200bhp...pwoah,long time since I've experience such power,having to resort to 115bhp
  18. I've had the impression that most/all on here do drive their Lotus as a daily driver,but from various posts it seems this is not the case. So what is your daily drive?
  19. hmmm... very interesting . What serial SU is it? How come you have removed the turbo?
  20. I've done a archive search but couldn't find anything related. Apparently 22 of these were built,would love to see the SU turbo setup. Apparently,Stuart was the one to start the snowball rolling for Lotus to start their conversion
  21. Just seen it on ebay,was wondering if it has been mentioned. Apart from the trim,I don't it being more unique in the Esprit world. If I have my info correct,it has it's comp ratio reduced to 7.5,which was in general the original comp ratio before Lotus increased the 910's to 8.0
  22. That's the baby,thanks Bibs. Thanks Jon,the second picture did throw some confusion,the rising rate FR I'm aquainted with. The plenum won't be any use with the Ford Pinto manifold,the carbs need to sit closer to each other
  23. Hi Lotus Fans, I would be grateful if someone could explain the purpose of the gadget on the side of the plenum on the Dellorto turbo'd engine? It appears that when boost pressure is in the plenum,it goes into the adaptor were a piston is,on a spring. thanks Paul
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