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  1. Oh that's good news,even though I have just signed the petition For what reason were they going close it,financial reasons?
  2. You should oggle at the nurses ,it should put you at ease . All the best Rog
  3. Hi folks, I now I don't appear on here often But,is it me,or has the Lotus Esprit forum merged with other models? I tried to use this in my bookmarks,didn't work. Sorry for the lack of attendance on here. I'm on so many car forums,that some stage of the day,I need to escape from the computer thanks Paul
  4. Hi gang, whilst trawling through Classic Car,I just thought about you all ,and spotted a Excel Workshop manual for £60. So,if anyone is interested,contact number is 07918 742267 PS:I'm not the seller
  5. turbo carbs been looking for a set for a while,but managed to find a set of used 40's for
  6. Bloody'ell Simon,I was somewhat annoyed as I'm reading it,but relieved that the fire was put out. Easily done,and something for me learn from,even though I don't have an Esprit.
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