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  1. 4 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    They'll build it. Then the local council will let a developer build a load of houses around it. Then the residents will complain it's too noisy (doh, by a house near a race track and complain you hear cars - double doh! ... complain about plane noises) 

    That would be totally pathetic. There was a petition regarding a race track creating too much noise from the locals

  2. On 17/04/2015 at 19:32, Paul Coleman said:

    Myself a a few other Esprit owners went to the NEC Classic Car Show a few years back and a couple of us got talking to Quentin Willson about his e-type (which was on display there) and when we told him we were Esprit owners he accused us of having no taste... as he stood there wearing corduroy orange trousers!!


    However, I also own an e-type so he let us out alive ;)




    I'm a year behind,just watched it. As for the presenters,Jodie gets my vote....QW comes across as a snob

  3. Hello all,

    On the blow-thru Esprits,the bottom port on a Malpassi pressure regulator is the return to tank,which will have a rubber hose leading to the metal pipe.  In between the rubber hose and metal pipe,is there a push-on fitting,or is the rubber hose pushed on over the metal pipe?



  4. Did you get the reg number? Might be on here From what I've been told by someone who has driven one,is that they are noisey,to the point that earplugs need to be used. I'll still buy one

  5. Hi folks,

    I hope you all are having an enjoyable Christmas. Christmas is another joyful day off work for me. Just been called by my mate,'The Grinch'ohmy.pnglaugh.png

    Anyway,I've been searching around for the correct fuel pump used on the turbo Esprit and found bosch 0580464070. Is this correct,as 3bar pressure ( 43.5psi) seems too high?



  6. ...which is sitting on top of a dump valve.

    That's the baby,thanks Bibs. Thanks Jon,the second picture did throw some confusion,the rising rate FR I'm aquainted with. The plenum won't be any use with the Ford Pinto manifold,the carbs need to sit closer to each other :(

  7. Hi Lotus Fans,

    I would be grateful if someone could explain the purpose of the gadget on the side of the plenum on the Dellorto turbo'd engine?

    It appears that when boost pressure is in the plenum,it goes into the adaptor were a piston is,on a spring.



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