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  1. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I had figured it was easier. So, Excel is more than a face lifting: good to know.
  2. Oh... so it could be easy to make them from scratch... if I understand correctly Thanks
  3. Hi, in your opinion, is it possible to place the latest Excel front wings (those like Porsche 944 or BMW M3) on an Elite body? From photos it seems that even the front should be changed. Bonnet: is it the same from Elite to Excel? Thanks
  4. Elise S1 for sure. Maybe start a new project on an Esprit
  5. yes.... EV are not yet the "ecological marvel" that someone say... but they are at the beginning of their evolution. batteries has to become at least twice energy dense and charging time must dwarf... and energy sources must be clean, abundant or renewable. it will take a while.
  6. Hello, I don't wanna seem a pedantic teacher but in videos and interviews I very often hear Giugiaro's name pronounced in various wrong ways. Being italian, maybe I can help in this. The main problem is that in the name Giorgetto Giugiaro there are a lot of G and our rules to use of this letter are different from english. As far as I know, in english the G sound always as in GIGA, an hard sound. If you want a soft sound you go for a J letter as in JUST. In italian GA GO and GU are always hard sounds while GI and GE are always soft sounds. We also can have a GE or GI hard sound but in that case we place an H in between as in LamborGHIni. Ok, let split the name in parts for better understanding. GIO it sounds like in JOHN R in general, we have a rolling sound for R, similar to the one use in Scotland but less harsch. even in Italy we have different Rs in different parts of the nation: we go from almost no rolling sound to a french-style sound. you can use the R you prefer. GE it sounds like in JET TT use the same pronunciation as in "baTTery" O the O as the same sound as in jOhn. don't close at the end toward the U sound (ou) GIU it sounds like in JUICE GIA it sounds like in JUST RO it sounds like in ROME ACCENT and SPEED Accents are like this: giorGEtto giuGIAro. We emphatize the syllable in capital letter but not much... The pronunciation speed of the syllabs is almost regular with no accellerations or contraptions in any part of the words. If you are into music, the rythm is like two triplets with accent on the central notes. Hope this helps Ciao P.S: ITALDESIGN (the design company founded by Giugiaro) is a single word. Being italian we say the DE of design like DESK.
  7. Ciao, I am a former Elise and, for a brief time, Esprit S2 owner. Well, the Esprit was a sort of wreck bought for a project but she was there. Now I planning to came back in this world. May be in the future, who knows..... Bye
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