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  1. I think I posted in the wrong forum. I am interested, but I need one in the USA.
  2. What is PH? I looked at auto trader already. They are either the weong color or automatic. I was hoping to get a red manual. I found another Evora in silver that would be acceptable, except it is auto. Anyone who owns an auto? Would like to hear their thoughts. I just can't imagine buying a sport car in auto. P.S. I plan to drive my car, it will not be a garage queen.
  3. I can pay in full. It may take a few days to withdraw from the bank to avoid IRS triggers. If you prefer I can do a cashiers check. Anyone selling your Evora tell me what you got and give me a price. The most important thing is I would like to have sevice records. Please do not offer me a lemon. Send those to the dealerships. Preferably Red
  4. I have cash and I'm looking to buy an Evora.
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