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  1. hi all, Can anyone recommend a workshop in the Kent area to fit a set of wing mirrors and Tillett seats? I'm not the best with a spanner so probably better to look for professional help! Thanks
  2. Thank you all. @Diablos-666 is that carbon I can't make out in the wet? @RoflOnMyWaffle I've taken a look a the B6 and I'll try one for size when I'm at Tilletts, having taken a quick look online some people are saying you can still use a standard 3 point seat belt?
  3. Hi all, I've had my 380 a couple weeks now now, absolutely love it so different to anything else I've owned. Can't wait to get it on a track day ! Quick question on seats however.... I'm 6ft tall, 34 inch waist 105kg generally a big build. I'm struggling with the carbon Lotus seats fitted - I don't have enough head room and it's tight over my shoulders, not unbearable but all just a bit tight. I'm visiting Tillet in a couple of weeks to try a B5 seat but I wanted to see if there's any other recommendations? Secondly, I've got the standard black plastic engine lourve does anyone know if it's possible to change it to a full like the pic attached?
  4. Thanks @GFWilliams that’s cool, is there any pre-order or waiting list to go on?
  5. Thanks @Bibs @GFWilliams are you still selling carbon mirrors as I can’t see them on your site?
  6. Would have loved to come tomorrow but I’m yet to pick up the car. Waiting on the V5 😔
  7. Afternoon all, After owning a couple of M2 Comps, I wanted something a bit more track focused/lighter and has brakes that'll last longer than 1 lap on a track! A bit of back and forth between brands but after driving the Exige I was on the hook, and took the plunge buying a Exige 380 Sport Picking her up in a few weeks, a mixture of nerves and excitement currently. I've seen a few Louts meet-ups at track days in the past and have always stopped for a chat, a very friendly and welcoming crew. I'm based in Kent (just outside of Bromley) keen to get involved in meet-ups and track days, feel free to point me in the right direction to get involved. Here's a couple of quick snaps I took at the dealership, it was a pretty wet day! Look forward to meeting up in 2022. Ollie.
  8. Thanks @Troyboy going to change the red mirrors for carbon ones, they’re a little bit too much…. Any recommendations? looking forward to meeting up with people at events and track days.
  9. Interesting, what makes you say that? @Kristof Thys
  10. i didn’t think the difference would be that much but the two cars are night and day. 380 felt far more focused and quicker (of course). Deposit placed against the 380 getting the paperwork sorted for a March delivery. Very excited, also slightly nervous.
  11. @Troyboy yes drove it back to back with a 350 and yes it’s a looker IRL.
  12. Viewing it tomorrow morning. I’m sure it might be very different IRL.
  13. Thanks @Troyboy I’ve seen this online today. Going to view it this week. Not sure on the colour combo however.. @R300XXX 380 is already pushing the budget. Would love a 410, next year 😁
  14. Hi all, I’m a total newbie to the Lotus brand and looking to pull the pin in the next few months on a Sport 380 (pending finding the right car). It’ll be a 2nd car for me alongside my RS6, summer and track use only. I did have a BMW M2 Comp but wasn’t blown away by it for track use, terrible brakes and you really felt the weight when pushing hard. Any recommendations for must have options or things to lookout for? 🙏
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