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  1. Several years ago I had a TVR Griffith written off by a garage, loss adjuster assessed the value and came in ridiculously low. When I queried with him, he said it was based on the two most similar age/mileage cars he could find advertised. I checked the ads, both were repaired write off's one was in Belgium, he then admitted the comparable cars were supposed to be local but said he couldn't really do that because there were so few of them. He did agree to drop the two write offs and use next two cheapest but they were in the North and I live in the South East, Southern dealers were charging 15-20% more than those up-country which skewed the whole market. No amount of debate was going to move him further, think he was already miffed that his "expertise" had been questioned. Local specialist had an almost identical age/mileage car to the one I'd lost but the payout was nowhere near the price so ended up getting one from Bradford. Moral of the story, get agreed value if you can and make sure you keep it up to date.
  2. Just got my renewal through from LV, also a big hike, up from £262 to £343 and nothing changed over the last year. After trawling CompareTheMeercat Switched to Churchill Fully Comp Plus lower excess, includes hire car and legal protection (which were extra on LV). The bizarre thing was Churchill quote started at £254 but I realised I'd missed a windscreen claim for Mrs Mellow, added that and it dropped to £196 including business for both of us, 4k mileage.
  3. @ajheath Same as you, usually have a group group going, in which case I have a Gordon Keeble that I'd have taken but now down to just two of us so it'll be the Evora again, might even clean it this time Don't have a spare Parking Blue you want to sell ,do you? Just tried to book and it's all sold out, we bought GA and paddock early as paddock can be in demand, never thought parking would be an issue. Should be ok to pay on the gate but would prefer to have it covered beforehand.
  4. @ajheath Will be back at LM for The Classic but staying a bit further out, at a friends farmhouse. Thoroughly recommend Le Bounty, started staying there in 2013, following many years on the infield circuit sites. As I've aged, the appeal of hot showers & clean loos has taken priority over the ability to just wander across to the circuit. It's very well run, the minibus services makes it a doddle getting to/from the circuit, they know every shortcut and the three of them update one another on where it's busy so avoid most of the queues. Food more school dinners than cordon bleu but tasty, filling and saves the need to take cooking equipment - missing the bacon since brexit, though
  5. Couple of Evoras at Saint Saturnin Classic British Welcome, including a local 400, Lotus posse at our campsite. Also passed a Grey Elise 111 coming home on M20 and saw a pair of Orange Exiges parked up at a supermarket, returning on Monday. Loads of others , of course but can't remember them all. Apologies to the GTE owner; missed the opportunity to have a chat; you dropped into our campsite, we were on adjacent tables, both chatting with friends at the bar. Presumed you were staying and expected to say hello later on but now realise you were just passing through.
  6. Missed you at Le Mans, @mayevora but did catch a couple of others at the Saint Saturnin Classic British Welcome, I'll put them on the "Spotted" thread. Good luck with removing the vinyl, I've never had an issue myself but saw the paint come of a friends Leon, along with the stickers, so strictly glass for us these days. Toyota logo added by "Mates"!
  7. I shook hands on this car in early 2017, the vendor pulled out of the sale, then offered me first refusal a couple of months later by which time I'd changed my own plans. I still have a copy of the old ad and it all matches up, spec, colour, upgraded MY12 gear cables, year, all the option packs, slightly warped airbag cover, and the fact that it had B&C FSH. Also found the HPI check which confirms the reg no, although it had a personal plate, then. At the time it was @ £34,495 and was on 28k, a pretty good "investment".
  8. I'd been a serial TVR owner but wanted something a bit mor usable as a daily drive (coincidently, a 25 mile commute through forest twisties in Sussex) and able to fit two small children in. Went for a manual Evora S as I thought the N/A might feel a bit, well, slow after a Griffith. OK, so the Lotus won't match a Griff in drag race on a dry road but by every other measure it's a quicker car. More significantly it's a much easier car to drive fast, I've had faster cars but none that I could drive faster. I've never driven an N/A but suspect the same applies, the cornering, steering, handling, feel and feedback are all sublime. Good luck with your hunt, I don't think you'll be disappointed
  9. Another similarly priced one on PH,, this one an LE, slightly higher mileage but trade.
  10. Sounds like I need to have a word when renewal comes up.
  11. Repaired FOC, but usually an excess for replacement, I'm with LV and the windscreen excess for the Evora is £500! It's completely nuts as the policy excess is only £150. As my mate pointed out, "if you crack the windscreen, you may just as well write it off, you'll save yourself £350!"
  12. Nice looking orange Sports Racer S on Car and Classic Low mileage but £56k
  13. Think it may end up on one of these
  14. Thanks @Ericski that was exactly what I'm after, looks great, silver refurb going on my birthday list, just need to do it when Mrs Mellow not looking 😉
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