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    Evora S
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    2bular exhaust, 400 rear bumper, GT4 spoiler, GT4 Side intake scoops, GTC front bumper
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    Hampshire, UK

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  1. Can anyone recommend a Lotus dealer/specialist in Hants? I currently have my Evora booked in at Lotus Hendy Eastleigh, but my experience of just getting hold of them is poor (they don't seem to usually answer the phone or call back when you leave a message) and I now have a report of poor work from them, as reported by someone else... So I'm looking to re-book elsewhere unless my confidence in them can be improved 🙂 Thanks in advance.
  2. @C8RKH Many thanks. I did ask the seller about the original parts but unfortunately they are not available. I assume they were not part of the previous sale. I'll see what I can do wrt piccies 🙂
  3. @exeterjeep That's definitely the car. Thanks for the link. Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned on the no. of owners then as this is a 2011 car.
  4. @ba55uma Thanks. It's no longer for sale as I have a deposit on it.
  5. I'm looking to buy this car, but I'm a little concerned that the car has had 7 owners and the current owner is flipping it a couple of months after buying it. It's an Evora S with WinAce GTC front Bumper, Evora 400 rear bumper and GT4 wing I have been told. With these sort of mods, I wouldn't be surprised if a previous owner has frequented this forum. So just doing some due diligence, I'm asking if anyone knows this car and its history so I can go into the purchase with my eyes open? Many thanks.
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