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  1. Original Motor road test feature on RNG 807M. Do any of the previous 22 owners have any memories or interesting information on their experiences?!
  2. Interesting advert... most factory records have long been lost, but remaining records show white is the original colour. The car was allocated to the press fleet on May 2, 1974, after being originally registered on April 5 that year
  3. Belongs to elderly family member who didn't know provenance! Garage was too full! I've only just started doing some homework on it!!
  4. No... it's been where it is since 1993.
  5. Thanks. New chassis and engine fitted before coming off road with electrical wiring problems in 1993. Neglected and not run since.
  6. I would appreciate any more information on neglected family-owned Elite first registered on April 5 1974 and used as Colin Chapman's demonstration car. It was featured on the front page of Car Magazine and in Motor Sport as well as featuring in Duckhams advertising promotions. The original chassis number is 74020022A with engine number G74015418. The car has been off the road since 1990. Would known history make this an interesting and viable restoration?
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