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  1. Yes, exactly what I'm thinking as well. So did you get it to work without having an alarm triggered? I did follow the instructions precisely. Also there is conflicting information between the owners manual and the service notes. The 400 owners manual calls for one on/off within 3s after the alarm has ended. The service notes call for 2x on/off within 3s after the alarm has sounded. So can the override be done at all without having the alarm triggered? And how do I arm the system if the fob doesn't work after parking?
  2. Hi, Yesterday I parked my Evora at a spot which had some radio interference and I couldn't lock the car with the key fob when I got out. Consequently I was also not able to disarm the immobiliser from within the car when I returned. So I tried to do the emergency override procedure according to the manual but failed. The LED blinks so fast, that I see no way to count the flashes for the PIN. I'm suspecting, that I couldn't get into the procedure to begin with. So my question is, does the override procedure work at all if the alarm has not been set off before? If so, how would I go at arming the alarm without the fob working? Appreciate your help on this if I get into the same situation again. In the end I managed to roll-off a few meters as I had parked on an incline and the fob started working again.
  3. I use one of these with great success. It's a powered splitter and takes the power from the headunits antenna connection.
  4. AC

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    Hi - Anyone else attending the Hockenheim trackday on the 11th this month?
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