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  1. Hello all, looking forward to joining the Lotus scene and learning more about the technical parts of these machines.  

    I am coming from 30 years of being in the air cooled VW scene.  In the time I owned multiple Bugs and Buses with 2 of them being ones that where saved from the junkyard and moved on to new life with new owners.  My favorite was a 1971 Bus Westfalia that I bought back in 1992 and just recently sold, we had many fun camping trips in that thing and I even lived in it for 4 months once...  

    I am not new to Lotus as my Dad was a huge fan of Lotus and has owned a good number of them over the years.  I do not recall a time while growing up when there was not at least one Lotus in the garage being worked on.

    I am on the look out for an Elan (or Europa as I still have a photo somewhere of me standing out of the windshield of my Dads '69 Europa just before he painted it back in the mid to late '70s and I always loved that car). 

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  2. This is good to hear!  I spent 30 years in the air cooled VW scene and enjoyed saving a couple and seeing all those on the forums that where being saved and now that I will be joining the Lotus scene eventually, I like seeing this.  

    And congrats on the new venture!  

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