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  1. You’re absolutely right, it does!
  2. Hi folks. Race mode… I know it changes traction control settings but does it do anything to the engine mapping? I have noticed the idle is significantly higher when it’s activated. Does the rev limit get raised too or stay the same?
  3. I don’t think £100 is too bad even if it’s purely as a cosmetic enhancement. They look much better than the stock pedals.
  4. Not the most interesting of updates but the latter part might be of use to someone at some point. first, I fitted a private plate. I’ve always like short plates on cars and the standard plate looked enormous hanging to the front of the car. Next up, the latch on the boot wasn’t catching properly and was requiring too much of a shove to close it. I tried some adjustment to find it was struggling to open. Then the handle in the cabin gave way… From what I have read online there are a few different variants of the handle. In my 2018 it is on the passenger side, which I believe was moved to the drivers side on later cars. I have the ‘upgraded’ lever with a metal plate that reinforced the bit where the wire sits. From looking at the lever is it seems the wire pulled out the side and has snapped off part of the plastic. The lever is a part from an old Jag - the bonnet release. Part number hnc2560ad. I have ordered a replacement but as you can see there are actually two grooves with only one being used in its application here. I was wary about trying this side whilst the boot was still stiff, so I used pliers to pull the cable in the cabin and make adjustments. In terms of adjustments to the latch this is what I learnt… loosen off the large brass nut at the top of the pin. I actually used a plumbing spanner for this as it was over the 20mm range of my regular spanners. Once loose you can turn the pin with a flat head screwdriver at on the end of the pin. I found my pin needed to be moved out so that it was longer and therefore caught easier, so one turn anti clockwise did the job and make the cable far easier to pull. Also, the pin must be orientated correctly with the flat sides facing directly to the front and rear of the car. I then reinstalled the lever (just 2 bolts) with the wire in the second slot. Although the wire is now sitting at a bit of an angle it’s working perfectly. I have the replacement on its way so will just keep it as a spare incase I need it.
  5. I assume the seats are easy to remove on these? Tempting to do the same on mine to give it a proper clean
  6. Continuing with the machine polishing this morning. I’m by no means a pro but I’m happy with how it’s looking. Just the doors left to go. I also rolled it out to fit the soft top whilst the weather was good.
  7. Haha! I could have sent you some as I got a pack of 10 😆
  8. Some small visual improvements today. Firstly an engine plate from Alias to replace the faded plastic part. Then I replaced the 4 rusted bolts under the access panel with stainless versions. I could see the bolts through the mesh so it was bothering me. I’m now mid way through a machine polish to get the paint up to standard, and will follow up with a nice later or two of wax when I’m done.
  9. Could be a longer wait than I’d hoped 😅
  10. No, but thank you! I can’t wait to get it on when it’s a *little* warmer…!
  11. Just been speaking to a chap up here with a 410. He has recommended Blitz Motorsport in Nairn. On another note… normal weather resumes.
  12. Ah ok, I wasn’t aware they had single mass flywheels. They are usually a bit noisy. Thanks again.
  13. Good question. I’m not aware of anyone up here who would be up for the job, so likely a trip down to Craig in Edinburgh.
  14. Thanks, Dunc! I assume no damage is being done at lower rpm’s in the first few gears when hot? ie during any slower town driving. I have an owners thread linked below if anyone is interested.
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