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  1. Well on what must have genuinely been the 300th try of applying differing pressure in all places and directions, it opened. So now to work out what has gone wrong, fix it, and importantly, install the backup option! So if anyone finds this in the future and has the same problem, I would KEEP trying whilst "massaging" the boot lid in every direction and with varying pressure... I assume the 'hammer' was missing by a fraction and I managed to get it to line up.
  2. Unfortunately not, I've been driving the car since and have probably tried opening it in ten different locations now, including the driveway, garage and my parking space at work - no problems at those places before.
  3. Thanks @EuropaSman! Very useful. @Doug Ashleybattery is good for sure, it's pretty new and I've been driving the car since - never any battery problems and even after a long drive it's no better. The backup option is definitely number one on the list when I get it open!!! I have seen another thread where the owner managed to get access to the cable further rearward by removing the filler neck. May try that as a 'non destructive' option before the vents come out...
  4. Hi all, 2009 2+2. Parked up this afternoon and the boot wouldn't open. Never had a problem before. When I press the button on the fob I can hear the boot release mechanism move like normal, but the boot does not pop up. I went for the emergency handle but it looks like someone has pulled it too hard previously - the conduit is exposed and damaged and no matter how hard I pull (in the correct direction, across the car), nothing happens. I have tried both manual release and fob release with someone else lightly pressing and lifting on the left, right and centre. I have not tried putting 12V to the relay on the basis it's already actuating, just not releasing. Any ideas?! Thank you!
  5. Yep, can't see any photos yet - but this is a bargain. I can't think it'll still be there on Monday!
  6. Great find. I spent a long time looking at cars and prices for that part of the market and found mine a couple of weeks ago with almost the same spec, less the 2bular exhaust, and on 31k miles for the same price. I would be going to see that one with a view to buying if I were still in the market! A few seem to be offered for unrealistic prices which makes it hard to gauge what a good deal is, but I think from my very recent experience that looks perfect for someone in my position.
  7. Great, thank you. I'll probably just take the back pad out of the seat and have a play around with it in the garage before heading back to Halfords to try again with a couple of seats. I think if that tether was sorted though, the Halfords 1 2 3 seat fits very well!
  8. Anyone got any advice on the top tether bar? I tried a Halfords 123 seat today which seems decent (not too big), but I think it needs the top tether to make it feel secure. I just can't see for the life of me how you thread a strap behind the bar! I can see that behind the drivers seat there's a cutout portion - I can feed it through there but it won't then slide across to the passenger side... Very early NA car (pre LE demonstrator) if that makes a difference; it didn't come with ISOFIX but I have fitted the brackets using the adapter kit.
  9. I now own GX09 KRZ(Black) which was first registered 8 July 2009 and the last four are 0758. I take it this was perhaps an early demonstrator or something? It has had no number plate changes. It has all three packs but does not have a Launch Edition plaque.
  10. Thanks Rambo! I have indeed and I messaged for some more info. They don't know a lot though... I asked a few questions and they couldn't answer a single one... they just said "Best option is to ring Silverstone Lotus as they can tell you about the spec, it has a sport button on it ??" Intriguing....
  11. Thanks guys. Sound advice. @jepwhy did you prefer the NA? I think the difference is I'm not going to keep it for years - I am progressing my way through a long list of cars I want to own and need to minimise the loss on each one.
  12. Hi all, Looking at buying my first Evora (thank you to all those who have helped or messaged me with details of cars they are thinking of selling; there's a few). My budget means either a high mileage (60-80k) S or a lower mileage (30-50k) LE. I will probably put another 20k on before I come to sell in maybe three or four years. Whilst I would rather own an S, and as a BUYER mileage doesn't concern me as I know these are bulletproof engines and it would be taken care of, I am concerned about resale... it'd be pushing, or maybe even over, 100k miles and I don't think we have seen many sell north of 100k so far. So what's, financially, the smart choice? Buy a LE that will still be under 75k when I sell? Or an S which may be more desirable now but could be pushing 100k when I sell? Also aware that the S would cost me around £500 per year extra in tax/fuel based on my use. I know people often say 'stop worrying about selling it, just get out and enjoy it', but I save a few £k per year toward a 'better' weekend car and it would be a shame for this to undo all that work and set me back a couple of years on my path to an eventual supercar 😀
  13. Now listed with all work being done - so that makes it a much better deal than had been anticipated.
  14. Unfortunately I need a 2+2! This looks a good avenue for someone to investigate though...
  15. Yeah, it was on the last MOT and the seller has mentioned it as an upcoming job.
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