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  1. Yep, thanks - I've got that so will be booking in to B&C to get it done with my service. Was just explaining to Rambo.
  2. @Rambo thanks for the post, but this is a different issue, the TPMS has been deactivated in the car. I've driven a lot (hundreds) of miles since and it doesn't pick them up. I assumed it was a 'connect a laptop to the car' issue but had a slight hope there was a way of re-enabling at home!
  3. Hi all, Sorry, it's another TPMS question... But after a search I can't find this exact issue. My launch edition car had an alloy refurb and three of the TPMS sensors were in poor condition so got binned. This left me with one tyre's pressure displayed on the dash, the others showing 0.0. Before I could get new TPMS fitted, the car was due an MOT. B&C did it and said they had to code out the TPMS as you can't pass MOT with 0.0 showing... I wasn't convinced this is necessary but they are the experts and it got my MOT sorted. So now my dash shows -- for all wheels. I now have new TPMS sensors ready to fit but I presume this isn't as simple as recoding the TPMS as usual - something has been done to change a missing TPMS from '0.0' to '--' and I still have one functioning TPMS which doesn't show up at all. So can I/a local tyre specialist re-enable the TPMS do you think to save me a round trip to B&C?
  4. Looks good. I'd be interested in your feedback as to how much it kills the usability of the rear seats (which at the moment I put a small child in in a car seat) if you don't mind? I.e. would you need to remove it, and if so how long does it take?
  5. Dad Cars review of the Evora as a practical family car... 😄
  6. If you don't mind I'm interested in your thoughts on the harness? I'd like one in mine - is it a good setup?
  7. That was quick! Do you know how many there were? Hopefully mine made the cut, I ordered it through B&C last night.
  8. I have ordered mine. What fitting hardware have you ordered please? I have bought the tailgate itself in case they sell out, but I now need to put in a follow up order for a few other spares I need and any fitting items. EDIT: 🤦‍♂️ it's on the news page isn't it...
  9. I moved from a Westfield to an Evora as my 'weekend' car (the Westfield would be a 340 in Caterham terms and the Evora is an NA). I think it depends on your intended use case. For me, I wasn't getting the miles in in my Westfield. 10% of the time it was the best thing I could be driving - e.g. heading to a country pub on a sunny Sunday. 90% of the time it wasn't an option as the weather wasn't great or I was going to need to move children/luggage or might have to leave it in a car park overnight etc... The Evora is SO much more usable and now, 90% of the time, I can use it for a journey if I wish to do so. The performance isn't as 'raw' but I feel a lot safer. I have driven my Westfield on track and felt very exposed. I now have a different car I race/do track days in so that itch is scratched. To summarise, I think '7' type cars are excellent and I loved mine - but it taught me they need to be a third or even fourth car, not a second, if you are to enjoy them without begrudging the impracticality. I am very glad I made the move.
  10. Well on what must have genuinely been the 300th try of applying differing pressure in all places and directions, it opened. So now to work out what has gone wrong, fix it, and importantly, install the backup option! So if anyone finds this in the future and has the same problem, I would KEEP trying whilst "massaging" the boot lid in every direction and with varying pressure... I assume the 'hammer' was missing by a fraction and I managed to get it to line up.
  11. Unfortunately not, I've been driving the car since and have probably tried opening it in ten different locations now, including the driveway, garage and my parking space at work - no problems at those places before.
  12. Thanks @EuropaSman! Very useful. @Doug Ashleybattery is good for sure, it's pretty new and I've been driving the car since - never any battery problems and even after a long drive it's no better. The backup option is definitely number one on the list when I get it open!!! I have seen another thread where the owner managed to get access to the cable further rearward by removing the filler neck. May try that as a 'non destructive' option before the vents come out...
  13. Hi all, 2009 2+2. Parked up this afternoon and the boot wouldn't open. Never had a problem before. When I press the button on the fob I can hear the boot release mechanism move like normal, but the boot does not pop up. I went for the emergency handle but it looks like someone has pulled it too hard previously - the conduit is exposed and damaged and no matter how hard I pull (in the correct direction, across the car), nothing happens. I have tried both manual release and fob release with someone else lightly pressing and lifting on the left, right and centre. I have not tried putting 12V to the relay on the basis it's already actuating, just not releasing. Any ideas?! Thank you!
  14. Yep, can't see any photos yet - but this is a bargain. I can't think it'll still be there on Monday!
  15. Great find. I spent a long time looking at cars and prices for that part of the market and found mine a couple of weeks ago with almost the same spec, less the 2bular exhaust, and on 31k miles for the same price. I would be going to see that one with a view to buying if I were still in the market! A few seem to be offered for unrealistic prices which makes it hard to gauge what a good deal is, but I think from my very recent experience that looks perfect for someone in my position.
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