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  1. I've made a video for the install to hopefully help others do the same thing in the future. I've forgotten how different it looked with the stock bulbs...definitely worth the upgrade
  2. Haven't had any problems so far and the Philips are the least hot out of all bulbs in a test somewhere online so I don't think it'll be an issue. Better to be warm than soaked with water 😅
  3. Only happens on the left side, I only noticed it after I installed the LEDs but not sure if it was happening before as well. It is really strange I agree haha! Might make a video and upload to show the peculiar behaviour 😅
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, I've got a Final Edition Exige so the front indicator is already an array of LEDs so I'm not sure if your response is relevant? Just to be clear I've only changed the halogen driving light bulbs to the Philips LEDs, and the rear license plate bulbs to local Narva LEDs. I haven't touched any of the indicators
  5. Can someone with LED lights fitted (preferbly with the Philips LED bulbs) check for me if you have the ignition on but the engine is off, does your front left blinker not work properly? Like the indicator ticks really fast and there's no front left indicator light? For some reason mine is doing that but its fine when the engine is on, indicators work perfectly? Not 100% sure if its because of the LED bulbs though?
  6. Especially for something which is basically just a firmware update on cars that are already in the wild. I don't think they need to do any approvals or certs for that do they? Even if they put lots of disclaimers and caveats etc I think it'll be nice for us to have the option of unlocking those features which are already built in via hardware
  7. Edit: ops that wasn't even aimed at me sorry 😆 The Philips ones from ABD
  8. This is my video on how my exhaust button install went, hope its helpful in the future
  9. Here's a video of my install procedure and results, quite a simple but really effective mod! Money well spent
  10. Thanks! You need to buy the 85mm rubber caps from Ebay, no cutting or modding needed if you buy the ones suggested from this thread. Its much better than the stock lights but still not amazing to be honest. The main thing I wanted was just to have not so yellow headlights. You can see the light pattern above on the flat and its definitely an improvement. I have a video planned to show the install process and results, just too busy enjoying the car at the moment and not enough time to edit and upload the videos but they'll come soon haha
  11. Yeah its just the Philips ones discussed already. I think I'll try the 83mm diameter cups sometime though, the 85s were a little loose
  12. Surely AiM can just produce something and provide it for us? I mean how hard can it be to make a video appear when you click a button when they already have that functionality in the MX2E? I feel like we're not asking for much here!
  13. Tested it out last night and here's the beam pattern when the LEDs are facing 3 and 9 oclock
  14. Just like to thank everyone for all the posts in this thread, I changed my bulbs tonight and its made a big difference. Haven't had a chance to test on the road yet but it certainly looks the business in the garage!
  15. Damn should have asked them when they came to visit us in NZ last week! I even asked Matt Windle a different question and totally forgot about the AiM dash 😂
  16. Maybe share the email and write us a template and we can all pester them!
  17. Sorry another question, is there any benefit in upgrading the firmware? I noticed on my dash I can't change the year from 2020 to something else which might have been fixed in a later patch? Does doing updates through RaceStudio3 invalidate warranty for the dash?
  18. Sorry to dig up an old thread, any chance you can upload these photos again? I'm looking into this
  19. Ok thank you, it would be amazing if we could just add a reversing camera at least...all the hardware is there its just annoying its locked down
  20. Yeah that is an option but I don't want a big screen in the car, I was thinking of using a JVC single din unit with a small screen that is reverse camera compatible or mounting one on the rear view mirror. But ideally if its not too long to wait just use the AIM...cause you know...its already there with the reversing camera plug at the back!
  21. I've received my car now and really missing that reversing camera I had with the MX2E in my old car Any news on FE AIM units and if we're able to connect the reversing camera anytime soon? If not I may have to find an alterative way... Thanks, photo for interest
  22. This is why I have 2 toy cars
  23. Alright, I'll just do the dipped beam for now as well then! Cheers
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