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  1. I'll try one click at a time and let you know how I get on. Mike
  2. Thanks, Jonathon. I appreciate that with a non-standard set-up the best compromise is achieved by trial and error. It's just that I wanted to save some of the 'trial' part with a few hints from members who also use Protechs. I'm assuming that the adjuster knob is a needle valve which controls the fluid flow past the piston. If so I'll start by turning it clockwise and see if that stiffens the ride. Mike
  3. During recent suspension overhaul I fitted Protech shocks all round with new springs on the front. With the front of the car set to the correct height, (170mm), the suspension seems very soft, bottoming out on speed humps. If you've got Protechs fitted, what have you got them set to? The adjuster on the shock absorber rotates 13 clicks. I've got them set half way at 7 clicks. Mike
  4. That crank pulley looks similar to mine and the marks were made by me drifting the pulley off when I changed my belt with engine in situ. Mike
  5. SCC082910LHA65412 1989 Turbo SE, Mike Pope, Warrington, Cheshire.
  6. Thanks for all the advice gents. I replaced the breather hose between the filler pipes and the hose to the charcoal can last year. I noticed that the tanks are very rusty, mainly on top where the air trunking leaks water onto them as well as water ingress round the bottom of the glass panels. Also on the undersides where Lotus, in their wisdom, put foam pads which absorb and hold water very well! So I want to take the tanks out and derust and treat them if it's not too late. Has anyone replaced these pads with non-absorbent material, if so, what? I've got a garage with a ceiling height of 8' 2" (2.5m), but I seem to remember when I removed the engine and 'box from my S3 some years ago I had to tilt it at something like 45 degrees. Also, the crane has to be long reach, which limits the lift capacity at full stretch, hence my request for the engine weight. I want to change all the belts and the tensioner, renew mountings, sort out various leaks and generally clean up the engine bay. So it will be easier to remove the engine. Thanks, Graham, look forward to joining you again for the trip to Donington. Mike
  7. Can't put it off any longer if I'm going to be on the road again for Donington. The engine is coming out so I can sort the oil leaks, change the cam belt, investigate that smell of fuel, etc, etc. Question is, what is the weight of the engine on it's own? (Need to know so I can hire the right hoist with a long enough reach). I haven't got the headroom to remove the engine and 'box together, as the book says, so I'll drop the 'box first. Thanks, Mike
  8. Simon, those aren't the same as the Lotus rivnuts. The ones on ebay are designed to be GRP'd in on build, they're not the collapsible ones. The collapsible nuts are much easier to use as they grip the rear of the holes in the body and captivate the nut. Mike
  9. The original fittings were Rivnuts, captivated nuts held in by a collapsible aluminium frame, with a screw holding the floor panel to the body. Rivnuts easily obtained from Steve at SJ Sportscars, amongst others. Don't know what seal, if any, was fitted on assembly in the factory, but mine was siliconed all round! I fitted foam sealing strip when I put it back. Mike
  10. You found the cause of the white smoke yet, Eric? Mike
  11. Code 41 will be set if the ECM does not receive a signal from the Direct Ignition module for four successive engine revolutions. The EMH manual suggests that an intermittent may be caused by a poor connection or insulation breakdown on the wiring between the DI module and the ECM. Mike
  12. On exercise in Germany we could always spot the Chieftain main battle tanks by the plumes of white exhaust smoke. The L60 engine was notorious for leaking coolant into the bores. I would guess you have the same problem. Start with a compression check. Mike
  13. Good idea, go for it.
  14. Paul, it's often done if only one oil cooler is replaced. The cooler unions are very difficult to access without correct spanners so the pipe gets chopped and joined as you describe. Mike
  15. Turn ignition on. If engine check light remains lit for ten seconds after engine starts there could well be a fault code stored in the ECU memory. Does it?
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