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  1. Kostas


    My issue about Esprit still exists. Does anyone have opinion about the new interior post '92 M.Y comparing to the older one?
  2. Kostas


    In this way it is not very helpful, I think , you don't have the advantage of overboost at overtaking for example. Fiat Coupe turbo also, using the same engine, has the overboost, as you described, rising the power for few seconds.
  3. Kostas


    Yes you have right, 2.0 is for Italian market . I'm worried about the lack of 20 hp and 200cc if are essential and at the end I'll not have all the plate.🤔
  4. Kostas


    Thank you Barry for your replay, I have already visited this site and I found it very helpful. Although, they don't any mention for SE 2.0 but I suppose this is a same as the later S4. As far as the overboost, at the "" I found that only post Oct. '91 SE had 280 hp. thanks to overboost.
  5. Kostas


    Hi to everyone, I am new in the forum and this is my first post. I just sold my English classic and I am ready to replace it with an other English classic and this time I decide to go for LOTUS esprit se . I found and I am between 2-3 2,2 90-91 my and one '92 but this is 2 lt. 143 hp. high wing. I know that the power never is enough (unless in the case Marc Donahue described) 😄 and in case of 2.0 engine there is at least a lack of 20 hp. plus some kg.m of torque. By other hand the 2 lt. '92 model has new and more roomy interior. All cars I found have about the same price and not serious difference at the mileage. I am also wondering how I can recognize a version of 280 hp. with overboost Oct. 1991 from the previous of 264 hp. version. So, I would be very thankful for your commends and your advices at my effort on my new dream.
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