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  1. Ok thanks everyone for your it looks like there is no way to turn off passive immobilisation when the ignition is off and car parked up in locked garage. Evora manual is somewhat misleading as its says to cancel the passive immobilisation when ignition is off press the centre disarm fob button. Well it does disarm it for about 30-40 seconds and its then back on again. Interestingly, as I've looked in this more there are a number of lotus forums/discussions where the Lotus alarm and locking key fob system seems to be a reoccurring area of confusion and dissatisfaction. I love my Lotus and can live with it but on my other German performance car its either unlocked and disarmed or locked and armed; just two buttons.
  2. Hi All, Had my 410 for 6 months now and I leave it in my garage with doors closed but unlocked. During this time the light on the dash flashed once a second or maybe once every two seconds. I've now collected my car from Stratton and when I leave the car in the same condition as previous the light on the dash is flashing very fast 2-3 times a second. I'm concerned this is taking charge from the lithium battery so my question is how do I get it back to the previous situation when it was not flashing so much? Any advice much appreciated here.
  3. I have contacted Lotus warranty by email and they have suggested I contact my local dealer, Stratton Motor Company near Norwich who can handle my request.
  4. Have done - sent e-mail there does not appear to be a warranty number to call.
  5. Hi All, Been reading this long post as I have three LEDs not working in my n/s Exige 410 headlight. Am I to take it that the only two options are to buy a replacement or ask Silverstone Lotus to do their fix? BTW my car is still in warranty by 2 months - is it worth a call to Lotus? Thanks in advance for any help here.
  6. My 410 Exige does not seem to have a charger so is the one shown above definitely the one to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  7. Any feedback on how the Hangar 111 410 exhaust performed?
  8. Hi All, I am considering the Hangar 111 track day exhaust for my 410 Exige as it seems a decent price and they are fairly close to me in Suffolk. Does anyone have any experience of this one - good bad or indifferent. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ok so is that the default and I cannot do anything about it? Happy if it is but I guess with smaller (lithium) battery I just dont want to to run the battery down....sounds mad I know but its all new to me. BTW I use a C-tec on my other car batteries should I invest in a battery conditioner whilst not in use or will the battery be OK? If I do need one any recommendations?
  10. Hi All, Newbie here so please be tolerant. So I have my 410 and am reading the manual all about the key fob and the multitude of settings etc.....bit of a mind bender for me. Bottom line is I leave my car unlocked in the garage as its very secure but I have the little flashing light two flashes a second on the dash. Is this the default and is this OK if I dont use the car for a few weeks? Thanks in advance.
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