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  1. Thanks Pete, sorry I should have clarified that mine are manual mirrors
  2. As per title, I'm looking for side mirrors, I've tried Lotus bits with no joy. Any idea who would have or what they originally came off?
  3. Awesome, I would love to see it. I've just been gifted a complete rolling eclat chassis and body for spares
  4. Afternoon all, I'm desperately looking for the following specs Ride height front and rear Camber and toe specs front and rear 1977 Eclat 520
  5. all rock, in gear it functions as it should thanks a mill
  6. So I've had a few strange noises when reversing and turning (not me - the Eclat), got the Eclat up in the air this morning and spun one of the rear wheels, to my surprise the opposite wheel didn't move, tried the other side and the same result. Normal behavior for an open diff is the wheels spin in the opposite direction, Am I correct in thinking there is an issue?
  7. Thanks Pete, great info, wrt the shims, are they shimmed at the hub or at the brake drum?
  8. Morning all, just taken ownership of a 1977 520 eclat, generally solid but neglected, have already replaced the front suspension bushes, they were previously solid vesconite.......the rear is next, it has way too much negative camber which appears to be caused by collapsed springs. Does anyone have the following info, Factory ride height front and rear Spring specs, front and rear, length and poundage. Many thanks in advance
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